Solaris 7 OnLine Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

JavaTM Development Kit (JDKTM) Bugs

Java Applications Dump Core When There Is Insufficient Swap Space (4037312)

Java applications dump core when there is not enough swap space. The application indicates the following bus error:

not enough space

Workaround: Exit other applications running on the system or add more swap space. See the System Administration Guide, Volume I for details on adding swap space.

Do Not Use Java Thread.suspend () And Thread.resume () Methods 4040218

The Java Thread.suspend() method may cause Java application programs to hang. It is strongly recommended that you do not use the suspend() and resume() methods.

Hangs may occur because a thread holding a lock is suspended and the thread responsible for resuming this thread needs this lock. This is a general problem with threaded programming because of improper usage of these primitives, which leads to application deadlocks.

Workaround: Use other appropriate synchronization methods, such as wait() and notify().

Timestamp Constructor Accepts Two-Digit Date (4047499)

java.sql.Timestamp accepts a two-digit year but does not allow for years beyond 1999 (it interprets a two-digit date as 19xx). This problem does not occur when a four-digit year is specified.

Caution - Caution -

The java.sql.Timestamp class extends the java.util.Date class where several methods have been deprecated. To ensure forward compatibility, use the java.text.SimpleDateFormat methods.

SPARC only: Java on SPARC Dumps Core (4087298)

Random bus error or segmentation fault occurs in an application or support library.

Workaround: Use java_g or java -debug to run this program. Also, try turning the JIT off:


Any of these workarounds change the execution profile of the VM.

Adjust Colormap To Improve Performance in True-Color Environment (4102599)

Numerous X-requests in Java applications sometimes cause a slow startup in 8-bit color (TrueColor or PseudoColor) environments. This is especially apparent on slower systems. A large part of the startup delay is due to the computation of an optimal dithered colormap by the awt library during initialization.

Workaround: Adjust the colormap size computed at initialization by using the environment variable VIRTCUBESIZE. Set it to a power of 2 between 4 and 32. The default value is 32.


The -nojit Option Displays a Warning (4144550)

When -nojit is used, the following warning is displayed:

Warning: JIT compiler "none" not found. Will use interpreter  

Workaround: Set -Djava.compiler=NONE