Solaris 7 OnLine Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

Chapter 6 Driver Update Descriptions

SPARC only: 64-Bit SunVideoTM Driver Support (4116223)

No 64-bit driver support for the SunVideo device, also known as rtvc, is available in this release. However, 32-bit driver support for the SunVideo device is available in this release.

x86 only: Drivers for Solaris (Intel Platform Edition)

Sun Microsystems regularly certifies systems and peripheral devices, and maintains a Hardware Compatibility List for the current Solaris (Intel Platform Edition) release. New and updated drivers developed between releases are shipped in Solaris Updates. Customers who have purchased a Solaris Software Subscription, either standalone or as part of their service contract, will automatically receive these periodic Solaris Updates. For more information, contact your Sun sales representative.

x86 only: New Support for Siemens Monitors

The following Siemens monitors are now supported:

x86 only: Vendor-Developed Drivers That Are Not Included

The vendor-developed drivers listed below are not included in the Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) operating environment:

Driver Name 

Devices Supported 


AdvanSys SCSI host bus adapters 


QLogic PCI IQ/QLA91x/QLA1xxx SCSI host bus adapters 


Rockwell FDDI network adapters 

For a list of third-party drivers available directly from the vendor, see the "Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide."

Note -

Vendor-developed drivers are provided for the convenience of Solaris customers and are tested to ensure that they meet acceptable standards of operability. Sun Microsystems, Inc. cannot be responsible for their inclusion in future Solaris releases or the timeliness of their availability. Maintanance and support for vendor-developed drivers are provided by the hardware vendor.

x86 only: Documentation Errata

Book affected: System Administration Guide, Volume I

Product affected: Configuration Assistant

In the first screen in the section "x86: Confiuration Assistant Menu" in the System Administration Guide, Volume I:

  1. Change the phrase "add a Driver Update" to "add a driver"

  2. Replace the two subsequent occurrences of "Driver Update" with "Add Driver."