Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware

Chapter 1 Late Breaking News

This manual provides the following information:

This manual supplements the Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Hardware Platform Guide and the Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes.

Service Contract Upgrades to Solaris 7 3/99

You may have received a Solaris Server Media Kit to upgrade systems to the Solaris 7 3/99 operating environment. Please note that your service contract entitles you to use only those products that apply to your original Solaris operating environment license. The following products, which may be in the media kit you received, are licensed solely to customers with the Solaris Easy Access Server 2.0 product or the Solaris(TM) Server Intranet Extension(TM) product, which was included as part of Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation's Solaris 2.6, Solaris 2.6 Hardware: 3/98, or Solaris 2.6 Hardware: 5/98 SPARC(TM) Server Media Kits:

Unbundled Product Support

If you are upgrading from an existing version of Solaris and have installed unbundled products, either from Sun or from a different company, you must ensure that all those products are supported on Solaris 7 3/99 prior to upgrading. Depending on the status of each unbundled product, you have three options for each unbundled product:

For additional information contact the supplier of the unbundled product or your service provider or go to:

PC File Viewer Update

For updated information about PC file viewer, direct your browser to:

From "Free Downloads" at this site, choose "PC file viewer".

Documents on the Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Computer Systems Supplement CD

Table 1-1 lists the documents available on the Supplement CD:

Table 1-1 Documents on the Supplement CD




List of future end-of-support peripheral products 



Supported hardware matrices 



Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Hardware Platform Guide



Readme file for ODBC 


ShowMe TV 1.2.1 User's Guide



Readme file for Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Computer Systems Supplement CD 

Note -

The _en indicates an English language document. Other languages may be indicated, depending on locale.

The Supplement CD also contains other documentation in AnswerBook(TM) packages and in man page packages. The documentation in AnswerBook packages can only be read through the AnswerBook2(TM) server software provided on the Solaris Documentation CD. Documents in the man page packages can only be read through the man command. Refer to the Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Hardware Platform Guide for details on installing these packages from the Supplement CD.

Product Name and Title Changes

Sun Microsystems Name Changes

Earlier publications, documents, and software have included the names SunSoft(TM) and Sun Microsystems Computer Company or SMCC. Due to a Sun Microsystems reorganization, those names are no longer applicable.

For example, in some documents you may find references to a manual that was called SMCC Hardware Platform Guide. In this release, that document is now called Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Hardware Platform Guide. Another example is the supplement CD, which used to be called the SMCC Supplement CD, is now called the Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Computer Systems Supplement CD.

Solaris Name Change

This release of Solaris is called Solaris 7 instead of Solaris 2.7. As the Solaris product line continues to grow, this name change will make it easier for you to determine which products in the Solaris line you might want to use.

In Solaris 7, the transition to the new name change is in process. That means that you will still see references to Solaris 2.7, and even to Solaris 2.x.

The name of the core operating system has not changed. In this release, it is SunOS(TM) 5.7.

Solaris Server Intranet Extension Name Change

The new version of the Solaris(TM) Server Intranet Extension(TM) 1.0 product is named the Solaris(TM) Easy Access Server 2.0 product.

Flash PROM Update for 64-bit Operations

Some sun4u systems need to be updated to a higher level of OpenBoot(TM) firmware in the flash PROM before they can run the 64-bit mode of the Solaris 7 3/99 operating environment. Systems that can only run the 32-bit mode (such as those in the sun4c, sun4d, and sun4m platform groups) do not require updated firmware to run Solaris 7 3/99 software.

The only systems that may require this flash PROM update are the following:

See the Solaris 7 3/99 Sun Hardware Platform Guide for instructions for determining whether your system needs a flash PROM update and for instructions on performing that update.

For the Ultra and Ultra 2 systems, an antistatic wrist strap may be required for the update. If you need a wriststrap, send e-mail to

Flash PROM Update Multimedia AnswerBook CD

This CD provides video clips that illustrate how to perform steps involving hardware that are part of the procedures for updating the Flash PROM on some sun4u systems.

The video clips on this CD can be accessed several ways. Some software products are present on this CD to facilitate viewing of the videos directly from the CD. Do not use the AnswerBook2 server software or the ShowMe TV software on this CD to install these products permanently on a system. Instead, use the Solaris 7 3/99 Documentation CD to install AnswerBook2 server software and use the Supplement CD to install ShowMe TV software.

Note -

The video clips on the Flash PROM Update Multimedia AnswerBook CD have English language audio tracks. The volume level for the audio tracks is set to minimum. If you want to hear the English language audio track, you must adjust the audio level.

Software No Longer Included

The following software that was included in earlier Solaris 2.6 releases is not included in this Solaris 7 3/99 release:

Solstice SyMON

A completely new product, Sun Enterprise SyMON 2.0, has replaced Solstice SyMON. For information on availability of Sun Enterprise SyMON 2.0 go to:

Sun StorEdge A5000

For the latest firmware and patch information for the Sun StorEdge(TM) A5000, go to:


Click on SSA/A5000 Matrix under Free Services: Public Information.