Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware


The following bugs have been filed against PCMCIA:

If the PC ATA, pcata, module is modunloaded the system will appear to hang (4096137)

Description: If there is a PCMCIA I/O card in a slot that has been accessed and the card driver is unloaded (as occurs during modunload -i 0 at the end of multi-user boot) the system will appear to hang. Sometimes removing the card will bring the system back.

Workaround: none

The PCMCIA, pcic nexus, driver, does not support 3.3Volts PC Card (4098998)

Description: The PCMCIA, pcic nexus, driver does not support 3.3V on devices. Cards that are 3.3V and 3.3V/5V will not work properly (seems to hang the system).

Workaround: none

The PC ATA, pcata, disk driver crashes and hangs the system and causes a memory leaks (4106401)

Description: Most attempts to insert/remove and use PCMCIA cards will crash or hang the machine. If it does not crash the machine it can cause memory leaks or create situations where other modules will not load.

Workaround: none

When booting Solaris 7 3/99 initially with 64-bit kernel the device /dev/term/pc0, PC card serial driver, may not get created (4162969)

Description: When booting Solaris 7 3/99 initially with 64-bit kernel, /dev/term/pc0 hardware device node for PC card serial device may not be created.

Workaround: Boot the system up with 32-bit kernel first, then reboot with 64-bit kernel.

The PC ATA, pcata, driver panics the 64-bit kernel (4174177)

Description: Inserting the PC card after system init panics the 64-bit Solaris. Booting the 32-bit Solaris and accessing the card will not panic the system. The PC ATA driver is not a 64-bit driver.

Workaround: none