Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware

disktest Option File Note

Loading an option file that was created when BYPASS_FS_PROBE was set to 0 (zero) might not work if the BYPASS_FS_PROBE environment variable no longer set to 0 (zero). Testing may fail with the following error:

SUNWvts.disktest.8088 07/24/98 15:47:22 disktest c0t0d0
FATAL: "Couldn't get file system information on /distest_c0t0d0s0, statvfs()
system call failure error: No such file or directory.

This error is caused when SunVTS expects to use the predefined mount point names (/disktest_cntndnsn) that are created when BYPASS_FS_PROBE is set to 0 (zero), but these mount points do not exist while BYPASS_FS_PROBE is not set to 0 (zero).

Workaround: Create two separate option files for the two different states of the BYPASS_FS_PROBE environment variable.