Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware

Open Issues for Dynamic Reconfiguration

Bug List on the Internet

For the current list of DR software bugs, refer to the "Solaris 7" section at this web site:

Cannot unconfigure board in slot 15; operation fails (4101093)

On Sun Enterprise 6000 and 6500 systems, the unconfigure operation fails for an I/O board in slot 15.

Cannot remove central I/O board (4112730)

The "central" I/O board cannot be removed under Dynamic Reconfiguration. On Sun Enterprise x000 and x500 systems the lowest-numbered I/O board is considered a key resource and cannot be removed.

PCI I/O board experiences Privileged Timeout Error during Connect (4122455)

The PCI I/O board (type 3 I/O board) experiences Privileged Timeout Error during connect. The PCI I/O board is therefore not supported at this time.