Solaris 7 Maintenance Update 1 Release Notes (SPARC Platform Edition)

Chapter 1 Introduction

The Solaris 7 Maintenance Update 1 Release Notes explains how to install the SolarisTM 7 Maintenance UpdateTM 1 (MU1) software, a set of patches that have been tested together and packaged for one-step installation. These Release Notes are for system administrators installing the MU1 software. If you need more information on general procedures for system administration, refer to the System Administration Guide.

The Solaris 7 MU1 applies to all systems running Solaris 7 software and to all Solaris 7 locales. The installation automatically updates previously installed patches without regressing any post-Solaris 7 patches you have on your system.

Maintenance updates are primarily designed to update the Solaris operating software to a known, tested patch-level. If you want to apply a particular patch, and only that patch, you should do so through your normal support channels.

Note -

The name of this product is Solaris 7 MU1 but code and path or package path names may use Solaris 2.7 or SunOS 5.7. Always follow the code or path as it is written.

The Solaris 7 MU1 installation procedure takes much less time than it takes to install the MU1 patches individually. The Solaris 7 MU1 installation time varies depending on:

If you install the MU1 with the backout option disabled, installation will proceed more quickly. However, you will not be able to back out any of the patches MU1 delivers.

If you are performing an initial installation and want to make install_mu run slightly faster, use the -u option, which skips the validation step of install_mu. The validation step verifies that the files to be updated were not changed since the initial installation.