Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes (Intel Platform Edition)

Running the analyze_patches Script

To run the analyze_patches script:

Note -

To run the analyze_patches script, the installed system and the Solaris 7 3/99 CD (or net image) must be accessible by the script either through an NFSTM mount or using locally mounted media.

  1. Change directories to the Misc directory on the OS image.

    • If the image is on locally mounted media, type:

      # cd /cdrom/sol_7_399_x86/s2/Solaris_2.7/Misc
    • If the image is available through an NFS mount, type:

      # cd /NFS_mount_directory/Solaris_2.7/Misc
  2. Run the analyze_patches script:

    # ./analyze_patches

    The options listed in Table 1-1 can be used on the command line.

    Table 1-1 Command-Line Options for analyze_patches



    -R rootdir

    rootdir is the root of the installed system. It defaults to /.

    -N netdir

    netdir is the path to the root of the OS image to be installed. It defaults to /cdrom/cdrom0. It should point to the directory containing the Solaris_2.7 directory. You must use this option if running the patch_analyzer from an NFS mount.

    -D databasedir

    If the script is invoked from a directory other than the /Misc directory on the OS image, the program will not find the database it uses for patch analysis. Use the -D option to supply the path to the database. Without this database, contained in the /Solaris_2.7/Misc/database on the OS image, the script will not work properly.