Solaris 7 5/99 Release Notes (SPARC Platform Edition)

Interactive Installation Bugs

Installation Fails With a False Non-Mountable File System Error (4164303)

The following message may be displayed:

The Solaris operating environment on slice c0t0d0s0 cannot be upgraded.A file system listed in the file system table (vfstab) could not be mounted.

The installation software may interpret inodes that are stored on striped DiskSuiteTM meta devices for root inodes and attempt to mount the meta devices as upgradable slices. When this problem occurs, the mounts fail and the installation aborts.

TotalNET Advanced Server (SunLink) Drivers Cause Panic After a Reboot (4121961)

 Warning:  mod_install: MT-unsafe driver 'tnatp' rejected panic[cpu0] /
thread=7051e040:mutex-enter:bad_mutex lp=1046aa20 owner=7051e040

An upgrade to TotalNET Advanced Server (SunLinkTM) version 5.2 is required with the Solaris 7 operating environment because of a driver conflict. Version 5.0 and version 5.1 for the TotalNET Advanced Server cause the Solaris 7 operating environment to not boot correctly.

Workaround: Before you install the Solaris 7 operating environment, you must upgrade all installations to version 5.2 for the TotalNET Advanced Server, which is available on the Solaris Easy Access Server 2.0 CD. Follow the instructions provided to upgrade existing TotalNET Advanced Server installations.

Installation Bugs That Occur During an Interactive Installation

Erroneous Messages Indicating Packages Added a Second Time (1235464)

This appears as an attempt to install the same architecture and version of a package that is already installed. This installation overwrites this package.

When upgrading a system with the Entire Distribution plus OEM Cluster, the following packages seem to be added twice:

Installation Progress Bar May Be Inaccurate (1266156)

The "Installing Solaris Software - Progress" bar sometimes indicates that an installation is complete when it is still in progress. The install program may add packages for several minutes after the progress bar has indicated that the installation is complete. Do not rely on the progress bar to indicate that the installation is complete. The installation displays the following message when the program has completed all installation operations:

Installation complete

Installation of Diskless Client Does Not Preserve Changes in the dfstab File on a Server (4045544)

When you upgrade the Solaris operating environment on a server with diskless clients, the options on the dfstab line are not preserved for /usr. For example, if you entered the following in the dfstab file:

share -F nfs -o rw /export/exec/Solaris_2.7_sparc.all/usr

then this entry is automatically replaced with the following entry during the upgrade:

share -F nfs -o ro /export/exec/Solaris_2.7_sparc.all/usr

Workaround: Before you attempt to upgrade the Solaris operating environment on an OS server that has a diskless client or Solstice AutoClient, back up the /etc/dfs/dfstab file for the clients.

Installation Bugs That May Occur During an Upgrade

Multiple Architecture Server Cannot Be Patched (1249343)

After upgrading a server with diskless clients of more than one SPARC kernel architecture, such as a sun4u server with diskless sun4c, sun4d, and sun4m clients, the SUNWkvm packages for clients whose kernel architectures differ from that of the server cannot be patched.

Workaround: Add all of the SUNWkvm packages before applying any patches that affect them:

# pkgadd -d SUNWkvm.*

Disk Space Requirements Can Be Exaggerated By the Upgrade Process (4041733)

The upgrade program can exaggerate by as much as 30 percent the amount of space required for upgrades to systems with the Solaris software. Therefore, it prevents many systems from being upgraded without deselecting packages or finding more space.

Workaround: You can manually reallocate disk space among file systems or use the Software Customization menu to remove software packages that are not needed.

sun4m Solstice AutoClients Fail to Mount Cache After an Upgrade From the Solaris 2.6 Hardware: 3/98 Release (4121951)

The Solstice AutoClients display the following message when rebooting:

fsck -F cachefs: Cache directory /.cache/rootcache does not exist.mount -F cachefs: cache fsck mount failedfsck -F cachefs: Cache directory /.cache/rootcache does not exist.mount -F cachefs: cache fsck mount failed

This directive indicates to the kernel that the root file system is of type cachefs. To determine whether or not a specific Solstice AutoClient can be affected by this problem before you attempt an upgrade, examine the directory /export/root/client-name/var/sadm/pkg on the server (this is the Solstice AutoClient's /var/sadm/pkg directory). If this directory contains a subdirectory called TADcar, the Solstice AutoClients may be affected.

Workaround: Edit the /etc/system file for the Solstice AutoClients after the upgrade by appending the following line:


The Solstice AutoClients' /etc/system file is stored on the server as /etc/root/client-name/etc/system.

Clients Do Not Receive All Patches When a Server Is Upgraded (4175220)

Patches located in the Patches directory on the Solaris 7 5/99 CD are not automatically applied to clients whenever a server is upgraded.

Workaround: Apply the patches located in the Patches directory to clients after the upgrade has been completed.

SUNWcvc.u and SUNWdrr.u Packages Are Missing If You Upgrade From the Solaris 2.6 Hardware 3/98 or Solaris 2.6 5/98 Operating Environment to the Solaris 7 Operating Environment (4229675)

After you upgrade from the Solaris 2.6 Hardware 3/98 or the Solaris 2.6 5/98 operating environment and if your systems have sun4u diskless clients or Solstice AutoClients, then the SUNWcvc.u and SUNWdrr.u packages are not installed on diskless or Solstice AutoClients.

Workaround: After you have completed an upgrade, add the SUNWcvc.u and SUNWdrr.u packages to a sun4u diskless client or Solstice AutoClient as follows with a client called foo:

  1. Mount the Solaris 7 5/99 CD for the SPARC platform.

  2. Change to the following directory:

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.7/Product
  3. Add the following packages using the pkgadd command:

    # pkgadd -R /export/root/foo -d `pwd` SUNWcvc.u

Errors May Occur When Applying the European Locale Updates Patch During an Upgrade (4230247)

If you applied any of the European locale update patches, 106857-04, 106931-04, 107616-01, or 107617-01, and then upgraded your system, the following errors are then reported in the upgrade logs:

Doing pkgadd of SUNWplow to /.
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create package object </a/usr/openwin/share/locale/de.ISO8859-15>.
    file type <s> expected <d> actual
    unable to remove existing directory at </a/usr/openwin/share/locale/de.ISO8859-15>
Installation of <SUNWplow> partially failed.
pkgadd return code = 2

Doing pkgadd of SUNWpldte to /.
WARNING: /a/usr/dt/appconfig/types/de.ISO8859-15 
may not overwrite a populated directory.
pkgadd: ERROR: /a/usr/dt/appconfig/types/de.ISO8859-15 could not be installed.
Installation of <SUNWpldte> partially failed.
pkgadd return code = 2

This warning occurs because the patch switches the affected directories listed in the upgrade logs from symbolic links to directories. The upgrade process then attempts to install an updated version of the package that does not include the change. These errors do not affect the operating environment on your system.

Workaround: Ignore these error messages.