Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) 8/99 Release Notes

AnswerBook2 Documentation Installation Bugs

Installing SUNWab2u Before SUNWab2r and SUNWab2s Causes Problems (4230969)

Installing the SUNWab2u package before the other AnswerBook2 packages, SUNWab2r and SUNWab2s, causes the following:

Workaround: Use the installer (Web Start utility) or the pkgrm command to remove the SUNWab2u, SUNWab2r, and SUNWab2s packages.

To install the packages in the correct order, use the installer (Web Start utility).

If you install the packages manually using the pkgadd command, install them in the following order:

  1. SUNWab2r

  2. SUNWab2s

  3. SUNWab2u

The fr.UTF-8 Locale Displays ab2cd Installation Messages in English (4248169)

If you are using the fr.UTF-8 french locale you will see ab2cd installation status and error messages displayed in English. This occurs because on the Solaris 7 8/99 Documentation CD, the .ab2cd_msgs/i386/fr.UTF-8/ directory was incorrectly named .ab2cd_msgs/i386/fr..UTF-8/.

Workaround: None.