Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) 8/99 Release Notes

Change the init Command's Run Level Prompt to Display on a tty On Which Control--D or the exit Command Are Executed (4196862)

If you press Control--D as a superuser or after logging in as root from the superuser login prompt and then issue an exit command to be at the default run level, you are prompted for the default run level. The prompt is displayed on a console on which the init command was initially executed instead of the console on which Control--D or the exit command were originally issued.

If you execute the init command from a pty, /dev/console becomes the default device on which you are prompted for a run level. If you are running a remote console and log in as a superuser and then type Control--D to boot the system, the run level prompt is then displayed on the console instead of the auxiliary console.