Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) 11/99 Release Notes

System Administration Installation Bugs

Addition of Solaris 7 Service to an OS Server Results in an Upgrade Failure Message (4171470)

When the Solaris 7 system software is added to an OS server as a service, the following error message is displayed:

celebris:  Error:  Error adding OS service Solaris 2.7 i386 i86pc: 
service modification failed.
See /var/sadm/system/logs/upgrade_log for more information
(/var/sadm/install_data/upgrade_log on Solaris 2.3 or 2.4).

Where celebris is the name of the OS server.

If you review the indicated log file, you will see that the addition of the SUNWplow package failed with the following message:

Doing pkgadd of SUNWplow to /.
ERROR: attribute verification of <export/exec/Solaris_2.7_i386.all/etc/default/init> failed
pathname does not exist

Workaround: Ignore the error message.

User Disabling of Daemons and Servers in inetd.conf Overridden by Package Instance (4220923)

The interactive installation program adds lines for the KCMS Profile Server, Font Server, CacheFS Daemon, and Kerbd Daemon even though they already exist and are commented out in /etc/inetd.conf.

Workaround: The unnecessary entries in /etc/inetd.conf can be deleted or commented out with a text editor.