Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) 11/99 Release Notes

The Console Subsystem for the Solaris Operating Environment, Intel Platform Edition Is Being Replaced

The replacement is more compatible with the equivalent subsystem used on SPARC based systems. Therefore, it provides for future extensibility. It invalidates a large number of undocumented and unsupported interfaces, as well as some documented interfaces.

The following documented interfaces may no longer be supported in a future release:

If you want to program the keyboard, use loadkeys(1) instead of pcmapkeys(1). In console mode, there will no longer be a mechanism to load a different font in the video card. The only available font is ISO8859-1

The following undocumented and unsupported interfaces may no longer be available in a future release:

The terminal type for the console will be "sun-color" rather than AT386.