Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Deployment Planning Guide

WAN Deployment

Identity Synchronization for Windows has limited support for WAN deployments and can be synchronized with the Directory Server or Active Directory domain controllers that are only available over the WAN. However, the Identity Synchronization for Windows Core and all the connectors must be installed on the same LAN.

The setup in this scenario was achieved by installing the following:

In this case study, the Active Directory Connector communicates across the WAN with the Active Directory domain controller on the west coast. A domain controller is available on the east coast, but because it is not the PDC FSMO role owner, synchronization would be significantly delayed if it was selected.

Note –

When the Directory Server domain controller and Active Directory domain controller are separated by a WAN, you have the option of installing Identity Synchronization for Windows in one of the following: