Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With SCSI JBOD Storage Device Manual for Solaris OS

Setting SCSI Initiator IDs

When your cluster configuration contains shared SCSI JBOD arrays, you must ensure the two nodes connected to a shared SCSI JBOD array have unique SCSI initiator IDs.

The installation procedures in this section describe the steps for setting SCSI initiator IDs in a two-node cluster. If your cluster has additional nodes connected to shared SCSI JBOD arrays, apply these steps as appropriate. Some topologies, for example, clustered pairs, use these procedures unchanged. Others, for example the N+1 topology, may require minor changes.

x86 only –

On x86 based systems, setting SCSI initiator IDs is a two-step process. You first set the IDs in the BIOS and then in a configuration file. Until both steps are complete, the IDs are not set and the systems might be unable to boot or the nodes might panic. Set the IDs on one node at a time, as instructed in the procedure.