Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Java System Application Server Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Configure and Activate Network Resources

To enable the components in Sun Java System Application Server to run in Sun Cluster, you must set up the network resources for those components.

  1. Become superuser on a cluster member.

  2. Create a failover resource group to contain the Domain Administration Server (DAS) application resources and the network resource that DAS uses.

    The failover IP address is the network resource for the DAS resource.

    # scrgadm -a -g DAS-resource-group [-h nodelist]
    -g DAS-resource-group

    Specifies the name of the DAS resource group. This name can be your choice.

    [-h nodelist]

    Specifies an optional comma-separated list of physical node names that identify potential masters. The order here determines the order in which the nodes are considered primary during failover. If all of the nodes in the cluster are potential masters, you do not need to use the -h option.

  3. Add the network resource to the DAS resource group.

    Use the following command to add the failover IP address to the DAS resource group.

    # scrgadm -a -L -g DAS-resource-group -l IP-address

    Specifies that a network resource is being added.

    -g DAS-resource-group

    Specifies the name of the DAS resource group.

    -l IP-address

    Specifies the failover IP address that is the network resource in this resource group.

  4. Bring online the DAS resource group.

    Bringing online this resource group enables the failover IP address resource for DAS.

    # scswitch -Z -g DAS-resource-group

    Moves the DAS resource group to the MANAGED state, and brings the resource group online. This command also enables the resources in the resource group.

    -g DAS-resource-group

    Specifies the name of the DAS resource group.

  5. Create resource groups for the Node Agents and the network resources that the Node Agents use.

    To create a failover resource group for Node Agent, run the following command.

    # scrgadm -a -g NA-resource-group [-h nodelist]
  6. Add the failover logical host name to the resource group.

    # scrgadm -a -L -g NA-resource-group -l logical-hostname
  7. Bring online the Node Agents resource groups.

    Bringing online these resource groups enables the failover logical host resources for the Node Agents.

    # scswitch -Z -g NA-resource-group