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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Administration Guide 

List of Code Examples

Code Example 2-1   Empty Anonymous DSML Request    
Code Example 2-2   Empty Anonymous DSML Response    
Code Example 2-3   DSML Extended Operation: Bind as a Particular User    
Code Example 2-4   Response to DSML Extended Operation    
Code Example 2-5   DSML Search Request    
Code Example 2-6   DSML Search Response    
Code Example 11-1   Edited Kerberos client configuration file /etc/krb5/krb5.conf    
Code Example 11-2   Edited Administration Server ACL configuration file    
Code Example 11-3   Edited KDC server configuration file /etc/krb5/kdc.conf    
Code Example 11-4   Command for creating the KDC database    
Code Example 11-5   Command for creating an Admin Principal and Keytab    
Code Example 11-6   Commands for starting the Kerberos daemons on Solaris 9    
Code Example 11-7   Commands for starting the Kerberos daemons on Solaris 10    
Code Example 11-8   Commands for adding host principals    
Code Example 11-9   Commands for adding an LDAP Principal to the KDC    
Code Example 11-10   Commands for adding an test user to the KDC    
Code Example 11-11   gssapi.ldif file contents    
Code Example 11-12   Commands for updating the Directory Server to enable GSSAPI    
Code Example 11-13   Commands for creating a keytab for Directory Server    
Code Example 11-14   Commands for altering keytab permissions and ownership    
Code Example 11-15   Updated start-slapd script to use a custom Kerberos keytab    
Code Example 11-16   Command for restarting the Directory Server    
Code Example 11-17   New file testuser.ldif    
Code Example 11-18   Command for adding the test entry to the server    
Code Example 11-19   Command for getting a Kerberos ticket    
Code Example 11-20   Command for viewing information about the test ticket    
Code Example 11-21   Command for setting the SASL_PATH environment variable    
Code Example 11-22   Retrieving the dc=example,dc=com entry after authenticating via GSSAPI    
Code Example 11-23       
Code Example 14-1   SNMP Linux Script directorysnmp    
Code Example A-1   Modifications to Activate SSL Using the Board (ssl.ldif)    525

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