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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Administration Guide 

List of Tables

Table 1   Typeface Conventions       
Table 2   Placeholder Conventions       
Table 3   Symbol Conventions       
Table 4   Shell Prompts       
Table 5   Documentation, Support, and Training links       
Table 2-1   Entry Templates and Corresponding Object Classes       
Table 2-2   Search Filter Operators       
Table 2-3   Search Filter Boolean Operators       
Table 2-4   Special Characters in Search Filters       
Table 2-5   Search Types, Operators, and Suffixes       
Table 3-1   LDAP Controls Allowed to Chain by Default       
Table 3-2   LDAP Controls That May be Chained       
Table 4-1   Comparison of Importing Data Versus Initializing a Suffix       
Table 4-2   Description of ldif2db Options Used in the Example       
Table 4-3   Description of ldif2db-task Options Used in the Example       
Table 4-4   Description of db2ldif Options Used in the Example       
Table 5-1   Object Classes and Attributes Used to Define Roles       
Table 5-2   Object Classes and Attributes in CoS Definition Entries       
Table 5-3   CoS Definition Entry Attributes       
Table 6-1   LDIF Target Keywords       
Table 6-2   LDIF Bind Rule Keywords       
Table 6-3   Effective Rights Permissions Interdependencies       
Table 6-4   Effective Rights Logging Information Reasons and Their Explanations       
Table 6-5   Macros in ACI Keywords       
Table 8-1   Replication Parameters on the Directory Server Console Status Tab       
Table 9-1   Columns of Tables in the Attributes Tab       
Table 9-2   Attribute Syntax Definitions       
Table 9-3   Fields of the Object Classes Tab       
Table 10-1   System Indexes in Every Suffix       
Table 10-2   Default Indexes in Every New Suffix       
Table 10-3   Primary Attribute Name and Their Alias       
Table 10-4   Description of vlvindex Options Used in the Example       
Table 11-1   Ciphers Provided with Directory Server       
Table 13-1   Resource Summary Table       
Table 13-2   Current Resource Usage       
Table 13-3   Connections Status Table       
Table 13-4   Entry Cache Usage       
Table 13-5   Access to Database Cache       
Table 16-1   Common Installation and Login Problems With Solutions       
Table A-1   Prerequisites to Using the Board       

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