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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Administration Reference 

List of Tables

Table 1-1   Command-Line Tools Quick Reference       
Table 1-2   Command-Line Tools Table of Correspondences       
Table 2-1   Possible Value Combinations of Access Log Attributes       
Table 2-2   Possible Value Combinations of Audit Log Attributes       
Table 2-3   Possible Value Combinations of Error Log Attributes       
Table 2-4   Terms for Computing the Value of nsslapd-reservedescriptor       
Table 2-5   SSLv3 Ciphers       
Table 2-6   TLS Ciphers       
Table 2-7   Interactions Table of Supported SNMP Managed Objects       
Table 2-8   Entity Table of SNMP Supported Managed Objects       
Table 2-9   Directory Server Configuration LDIF Files       
Table 2-10   Configuration Changes Requiring Server Restart       
Table 2-11   Database Monitoring Attributes       
Table 2-12   Database Performance Attributes       
Table 2-13   Database Monitoring Attributes Under cn=<database_name>       
Table 2-14   Chained Suffix Monitoring Attributes       
Table 2-15   Subtree Entry Counter Plug-In Attributes       
Table 3-1   LDAPv3 Extended Operations Supported by Directory Server       
Table 3-2   Common Connection Codes       
Table 3-3   LDAP Server Result Codes       
Table 3-4   LDAP Client Result Codes       
Table 4-1   Directory Server Error Codes       
Table 5-1   Supported Locales       
Table 5-2   Supported Language Subtypes       
Table 6-1   LDAP URL Components       
Table 6-2   Characters that are Unsafe Within URLs       
Table 7-1   LDIF Fields       
Table 7-2   LDIF Elements in Organization Entries       
Table 7-3   LDIF Elements in Organizational Unit Entries       
Table 7-4   LDIF Elements in Person Entries       
Table 8-1   Attribute Syntax       
Table 8-2   Schema Files Used by Directory Server       
Table 8-3   Schema Files Used by Other Sun Java System Products       

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