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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Plug-In Developer's Guide 

List of Code Examples

Code Example 3-1   Hello, World! Plug-In (hello.c)    
Code Example 3-2   Configuration Entry (hello.c)    
Code Example 3-3   Turning on Informational Logging for Plug-Ins    
Code Example 3-4   Makefile for a 64-Bit Solaris Sample Plug-In Library (Makefile64)    
Code Example 3-5   Makefile for a 32-Bit Solaris Sample Plug-In Library (Makefile)    
Code Example 3-6   Sample Configuration Entry (Extracted From dse.ldif)    
Code Example 3-7   Configuration Entry with Arguments (testextendedop.c)    
Code Example 3-8   Logging a Fatal Error Message    
Code Example 3-9   Logging a Warning Message    
Code Example 4-1   Creating a New Entry (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-2   Copying an Existing Entry (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-3   LDIF Syntax Representing an Entry    
Code Example 4-4   LDIF Representation of Two Entries (Example-Plugin.ldif)    
Code Example 4-5   Converting To and From LDIF Strings (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-6   Iterating Through Attributes of an Entry (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 4-7   Adding String Attribute Values (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-8   Merging Attribute Values (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-9   Checking Schema Compliance (entries.c)    
Code Example 4-10   Determining the Parent and Suffix of an Entry (dns.c)    
Code Example 4-11   Checking Whether a Suffix is Local (dns.c)    
Code Example 4-12   Normalizing a DN (dns.c)    
Code Example 5-1   Registering Post-Operation Functions (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-2   LDIF File for an Suffix    
Code Example 5-3   Logging the Authentication Method (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-4   Configuration Entry (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-5   Getting the DN of the Client Requesting a Search (testbind.c)    
Code Example 5-6   Logging Base and Scope for a Search (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-7   Retrieving Filter Information (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-8   Search Filter Breakdown    
Code Example 5-9   Plug-In Comparison Function (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-10   Obtaining the Attribute Value    
Code Example 5-11   Performing a Comparison    
Code Example 5-12   LDIF for Quentin Cubbins    
Code Example 5-13   Prepending ADD to the Description of the Entry (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 5-14   Searching for the Entry    
Code Example 5-15   Configuration Entry (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-16   Tracking Added Entries (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-17   Sample changelog.txt Entry After the Add    
Code Example 5-18   Tracking Modified Entries (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-19   Checking the Directory for an Entry    
Code Example 5-20   Modifying a Mail Address    
Code Example 5-21   Sample changelog.txt Entries After the Modify    
Code Example 5-22   Tracking Renamed Entries (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-23   Renaming an Entry    
Code Example 5-24   Sample changelog.txt Entry after Rename    
Code Example 5-25   Tracking Entry Deletion (testpostop.c)    
Code Example 5-26   Sample changelog.txt Entry after Deletion    
Code Example 5-27   Logging and Responding to the Client (testpreop.c)    
Code Example 6-1   Pre-Operation Bind Function (testbind.c)    
Code Example 6-2   Configuration Entry (testbind.c)    
Code Example 6-3   Bypassing the Plug-In    
Code Example 6-4   Bind Involving the Plug-In    
Code Example 6-5   Wrong Password    
Code Example 6-6   No Password    
Code Example 6-7   Configuration Entry (testsaslbind.c)    
Code Example 6-8   Registering a Custom SASL Plug-In (testsaslbind.c)    
Code Example 6-9   Handling the my_sasl_mechanism Bind (testsaslbind.c)    
Code Example 6-10   Client Using my_sasl_mechanism (clients/saslclient.c)    
Code Example 6-11   Modifying a Password    
Code Example 6-12   Makefile Additions to Build the SASL Client    
Code Example 6-13   Building the SASL Client    
Code Example 6-14   Using the SASL Client    
Code Example 6-15   Results of Password Modification after SASL Bind    
Code Example 7-1   Internal Add Operation (internal.c)    
Code Example 7-2   Internal Modify Operation (internal.c)    
Code Example 7-3   Internal Rename or Move Operation (internal.c)    
Code Example 7-4   Search Callback (internal.c)    
Code Example 7-5   Internal Search Operation (internal.c)    
Code Example 7-6   Internal Delete Operation (internal.c)    
Code Example 8-1   Registering Entry Store and Entry Fetch Plug-Ins (testentry.c)    
Code Example 8-2   Entry Fetch Scrambler (testentry.c)    
Code Example 8-3   Entry Fetch De-Scrambler (testentry.c)    
Code Example 8-4   LDIF Representation of Quentin's Entry    
Code Example 8-5   Attribute Values in a Database File Before Scrambling    
Code Example 8-6   Configuration Entry (testentry.c)    
Code Example 8-7   Attribute Values in a Database File After Scrambling    
Code Example 8-8   De-Scrambled Search Results    
Code Example 9-1   Configuration Entry (testextendedop.c)    
Code Example 9-2   Registering Plug-In Functions and OIDs (testextendedop.c)    
Code Example 9-3   Responding to an Extended Operation Request (testextendedop.c)    
Code Example 9-4   Client Requesting an Extended Operation (clients/reqextop.c)    
Code Example 9-5   Makefile Additions to Build the Extended Operation Client    
Code Example 9-6   Building the Extended Operation Client    
Code Example 9-7   Client Side Extended Operation Results    
Code Example 10-1   Configuration Entry Template (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-2   Registering Matching Rule Factory Functions (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-3   Registering a Matching Rule (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-4   Filter Match Function (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-5   Filter Index Function (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-6   Filter Factory Function (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-7   Filter Object and Destructor (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-8   Indexer Function (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 10-9   Indexer Factory Function (matchingrule.c)    
Code Example 11-1   Encoding a userPassword Value (testpwdstore.c)    
Code Example 11-2   Comparing a userPassword Value (testpwdstore.c)    
Code Example 11-3   Registering a Password Storage Scheme Plug-In (testpwdstore.c)    
Code Example 11-4   Configuration Entry (testpwdstore.c)    
Code Example 11-5   Testing the Password Storage Scheme    
Code Example 11-6   Sample User Entry    
Code Example 11-7   User Entry after Password Change    
Code Example 11-8   Binding with the New Password    

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