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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Plug-In Developer's Reference 

List of Tables

Table 1-1   Quick Reference to Data Structures       
Table 1-2   Quick Reference to Callbacks       
Table 1-3   berval Fields       
Table 1-4   LDAPControl Fields       
Table 1-5   LDAPMod Fields       
Table 1-6   mrFilterMatchFn Parameters       
Table 1-7   plugin_referral_entry_callback Parameters       
Table 1-8   plugin_result_callback Parameters       
Table 1-9   plugin_search_entry_callback Parameters       
Table 1-10   roles_get_scope_fn_type Parameters       
Table 1-11   send_ldap_referral_fn_ptr_t Parameters       
Table 1-12   send_ldap_result_fn_ptr_t Parameters       
Table 1-13   send_ldap_search_entry_fn_ptr_t Parameters       
Table 1-14   slapi_compute_callback_t Parameters       
Table 1-15   slapi_compute_output_t Parameters       
Table 1-16   slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr Parameters       
Table 1-17   slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr Parameters       
Table 1-18   Slapi_PluginDesc Fields       
Table 1-19   slapi_plugin_init_fnptr Parameter       
Table 2-1   Functions for Handling Parameter Blocks       
Table 2-2   Functions for Handling Memory       
Table 2-3   Functions for Handling Access Control       
Table 2-4   Functions for Handling Attributes       
Table 2-5   Functions for Handling Basic Encoding Rule Values       
Table 2-6   Functions for Handling Controls       
Table 2-7   Functions for Handling Distinguished Name Strings       
Table 2-8   Functions for Handling Entries       
Table 2-9   Functions for Handling Extended Operations       
Table 2-10   Functions for Handling Filters       
Table 2-11   Functions for Handling Internal Operations       
Table 2-12   Functions for Handling Matching Rules       
Table 2-13   Functions for Handling Modifications       
Table 2-14   Functions for Handling Operations       
Table 2-15   Functions for Handling Passwords       
Table 2-16   Functions for Handling Roles       
Table 2-17   Functions for Handling SASL Mechanisms       
Table 2-18   Functions for Handling Slapi_Backend Structures       
Table 2-19   Functions for Handling Slapi_DN Structures       
Table 2-20   Functions for Handling Slapi_RDN Structures       
Table 2-21   Functions for Handling Slapi_Value Structures       
Table 2-22   Functions for Handling Slapi_ValueSet Structures       
Table 2-23   Functions for Handling UTF8 Strings       
Table 2-24   Functions for Writing Log Messages       
Table 2-25   Functions for Handling Virtual Attributes       
Table 2-26   Functions for Sending Entries, Referrals, and Results to Clients       
Table 3-1   Slapi_PBlock Parameter Categories       
Table 3-2   Access Log Parameters       
Table 3-3   Add Function Parameters       
Table 3-4   Backend Information Parameters       
Table 3-5   Bind Function Parameters       
Table 3-6   Compare Function Parameters       
Table 3-7   Connection Information Parameters       
Table 3-8   Delete Function Parameters       
Table 3-9   Directory Configuration Information Parameters       
Table 3-10   Extended Operation Parameters       
Table 3-11   Internal Operation Parameters       
Table 3-12   Modify Function Parameters       
Table 3-13   Operation Information Parameters       
Table 3-14   Plug-In Information Parameters       
Table 3-15   Generic Function Registration Parameters       
Table 3-16   Extended Operation Registration Parameters       
Table 3-17   Internal Postoperation Registration Parameters       
Table 3-18   Internal Preoperation Registration Parameters       
Table 3-19   Entry Store/Fetch Function Registration Parameters       
Table 3-20   Matching Rule Function and Argument Registration Parameters       
Table 3-21   Postoperation Function Registration Parameters       
Table 3-22   Preoperation Function Registration Parameters       
Table 3-23   Password Storage Function Registration Parameters       
Table 3-24   Rename (Modify RDN) Function Parameters       
Table 3-25   Result Parameters       
Table 3-26   Search Function Parameters       

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