Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureSPARC: How to Install Sun Multipathing Software

Perform this procedure on each node of the cluster to install and configure Sun multipathing software for fiber channel (FC) storage. Multipathing software manages multiple I/O paths to the shared cluster storage.

Before You Begin

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Become superuser.

  2. For the Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 OS, install on each node Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software and any necessary patches.

  3. Enable multipathing functionality.

    • For the Solaris 8 or 9 OS, change the value of the mpxio-disable parameter to no.

      Modify this entry in the /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf file on each node.

      set mpxio-disable=no
    • For the Solaris 10 OS, issue the following command on each node:

      Caution – Caution –

      If Sun Cluster software is already installed, do not issue this command. Running the stmsboot command on an active cluster node might cause Solaris services to go into the maintenance state. Instead, follow instructions in the stmsboot(1M) man page for using the stmsboot command in a Sun Cluster environment.

      # /usr/sbin/stmsboot -e

      Enables Solaris I/O multipathing

      See the stmsboot(1M) man page for more information.

  4. For the Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 OS, determine whether your version of Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation software includes built-in support for your storage array.

    If the software does not include built-in support for your storage array, edit the /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf file on each node to include the necessary entries. For more information, see the release notes for your storage device.

  5. For the Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 OS, shut down each node and perform a reconfiguration boot.

    The reconfiguration boot creates the new Solaris device files and links.

    # shutdown -y -g0 -i0
    ok boot -r
  6. After the reconfiguration reboot is finished on all nodes, perform any additional tasks that are necessary to complete the configuration of your storage array.

    See installation instructions for your storage array in the Sun Cluster Hardware Administration Collection for details.


If you installed Sun multipathing software after Sun Cluster software was installed on the cluster, DID mappings might require updating. Issue the following commands on each node of the cluster to regenerate the DID namespace.

# scdidadm -C# scdidadm -r(Solaris 8 or 9 only) # cfgadm -c configure# scgdevs

See the scdidadm(1M), scgdevs(1M)man pages for more information.

Next Steps

If you intend to install VxFS, go to SPARC: How to Install VERITAS File System Software.

Otherwise, install the Sun Cluster software packages. Go to How to Install Sun Cluster Framework and Data-Service Software Packages (Java ES installer).