Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS

Recommended Quorum Configurations

This section shows examples of quorum configurations that are recommended. For examples of quorum configurations you should avoid, see Bad Quorum Configurations.

Quorum in Two–Node Configurations

Two quorum votes are required for a two-node cluster to form. These two votes can derive from the two cluster nodes, or from just one node and a quorum device.

Figure 3–2 Two–Node Configuration

Illustration: Shows Node A and Node B with one quorum device
that is connected to two nodes.

Quorum in Greater Than Two–Node Configurations

You can configure a greater than two-node cluster without a quorum device. However, if you do so, you cannot start the cluster without a majority of nodes in the cluster.

Illustration: Config1: NodeA-D. A/B connect to (->) QD1. C/D
-> QD2. Config2: NodeA-C. A/C -> QD1. B/C -> QD2. Config3: NodeA-C -> one QD.