Sun Cluster Error Messages Guide for Solaris OS

Chapter 1 Introduction

The chapters in this book provide a list of error messages that can appear on the consoles of cluster members while running Sun Cluster software. Each message includes the following information:

Message ID

The message ID is an internally-generated ID that uniquely identifies the message.

The Message ID is a number ranging between 100000 and 999999. The chapter is divided into ranges of Message IDs. Within each section, the messages are ordered by Message ID. The best way to find a particular message is by searching on the Message ID.

Throughout the messages, you will see printf(1) formatting characters such as %s or %d. These characters will be replaced with a string or a decimal number in the displayed error message.


The description is an expanded explanation of the error that was encountered including any background information that might aid you in determining what caused the error.


The solution is the suggested action or steps that you should take to recover from any problems caused by the error.