Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

Information for Registering the New Resource Type Version

The relationship between the version of the SUNW.oracle_listener resource type and the release of Sun Cluster data services is shown in the following table. The release of Sun Cluster data services indicates the release in which the version of the resource type was introduced. The table also summarizes the changes that were introduced in each new version.

SUNW.oracle_listener Resource Type Version

Sun Cluster Data Services Release 

Summary of Changes 


Not applicable 


3.1 5/03 

Directives to enable upgrades of this resource type introduced 

3.1 4/04 

Probe_timeout extension property introduced

3.1 8/05 

Default value of the Probe_timeout extension property increased to 180 seconds

To determine the version of the resource type that is registered, use one command from the following list:

The resource type registration (RTR) file for this resource type is /opt/SUNWscor/oracle_listener/etc/SUNW.oracle_listener.