Sun Cluster Data Service for WebSphere MQ Integrator Guide for Solaris OS

Installing and Configuring Sun Cluster

ProcedureHow to Install and Configure Sun Cluster

Use this procedure to install and configure Sun Cluster.

Note –

For this section, follow IBM's WebSphere MQ Integrator for Sun Solaris — Installation Guide to install and create a Broker and UserNameServer.

  1. Mount the Sun Cluster Cluster File Systems.

    Before installing Sun Cluster within Sun Cluster, ensure that the Cluster File System /var/mqsi, or /global/mqsi if you have setup a symbolic link, is mounted as a Global File System.

  2. Install Sun Cluster onto all nodes within Sun Cluster.

    It is recommended that you install Sun Cluster binaries onto local disks on /opt/mqsi. For a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of installing the software on local versus cluster file system, see “Determining the Location of the Application Binaries” on page 3 of the Sun Cluster Data Services Installation and Configuration Guide.

  3. Create your Sun Cluster Broker.

    After you have installed Sun Cluster onto all nodes within Sun Cluster that will run Sun Cluster, create your Sun Cluster Broker.