Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Operation and Provisioning Guide

ProcedureHow to Downgrade to a Previous Component Version

Before You Begin

To redeploy a reliable component version, you must have Run Component Procedure and Allow on Host Set permissions on the folder that contains the component.

  1. Uninstall the broken component.

    1. From the component's Details page, click Run for the Default: Uninstall component procedure.

    2. From the plan's Run page, select the host from which you want to uninstall the component.

    3. Click Run Select Installations.

    4. Click Run Plan (Includes Preflight).

    By uninstalling the broken component version you ensure that old, unwanted files are removed from the system you deployed to.

  2. Select the component version that you need to roll back to.

    1. From the component's Details page, click Version History.

    2. From the Version History page, display the reliable component version by clicking Unhide and then click Details.

  3. Install the reliable version of the component.