Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Operation and Provisioning Guide

ProcedureHow to Stop a Running Plan

This procedure describes how to stop a plan by using the browser interface. You can also stop plans by using the following command.

For a detailed description of this command, see Chapter 10, pe: CLI Commands for Running Plans, in Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Command-Line Interface Reference Manual.

Before You Begin

To stop a plan, you must be either the user that started the plan or a member of the admin user group.


    Cancel the running plan.

    • From the Run Deployment page, click Cancel Plan.

      The Run History page displays a message stating that the plan was cancelled by a user.

    • From the Run History page, determine the plan you want to stop.

      1. In the Action column, click Progress.

        The Run Deployment page displays.

      2. Click Cancel Plan.