Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Operation and Provisioning Guide

ProcedureModifying Directories or Files to Ignore During Comparisons

In addition to describing the level of detail and what hosts or components that you want to compare, you have the option of defining sets of files or directories to exclude from a comparison. You might want to do this if you know that particular resources have many differences that are not important to you. You can save these definitions and reuse them in other comparison definitions.

You can also modify comparisons by using the following command.

For a detailed description of this command, see Chapter 5, cmp: CLI Commands for Running Comparisons, in Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Command-Line Interface Reference Manual.

Before You Begin

To modify a comparison, you must belong to a user group with Create, Edit, Delete permission on comparisons.

  1. If necessary, select the Model to Install comparison or the Install to Install comparison that you want to modify.

    The comparison's Details page is displayed.

  2. Modify the Directories and Files to Ignore During Comparisons table.

    • Add a directory or file to the ignore list.

      1. From the comparison's Details page, type the name of the directory or file you want to ignore and click Add.

        You can also provide an expression to represent the directories or files that you want to ignore by using wildcards (*). For example, if you want to ignore all log files, you can specify *.log to be excluded.

        Note –

        You must specify a complete pattern (with or without wildcards) all the way to the file name. Simply specifying down to the directory level will not exclude the files in that directory unless you add a * to the end. For example, if you want to exclude all the files in /usr/apache/logs, you must specify /usr/apache/logs*.

      2. Click Add.

        Your specification will be added to the list of directories and files to be ignored.

    • Remove a directory or file from the ignore list.

      1. Choose which directory or file you want to remove.

        Note –

        You cannot remove or disable a global ignore rule.

      2. Click Remove.

  3. Click Save.