Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Technical Overview

Account Locking

The Authentication Service provides an account locking feature that “locks out” or prevents a user from completing the authentication process after a specified number of failures. Only modules that throw an Invalid Password Exception can leverage the Account Locking feature. Access Manager sends email notifications to administrators when account lockouts occur. Account locking activities are also logged. The account locking feature is disabled by default. You can enable account locking by using the Access Manager console.

Access Manager supports two types of account locking: Physical Locking and Memory Locking.

Physical Locking.

By default, user accounts are active or physically unlocked. You can initiate physical locking by changing the status of an LDAP attribute in the user’s profile to inactive. The account remains physically locked until the attribute is changed to active.

Memory Locking.

You can enable memory locking by changing the Login Failure Lockout Duration attribute to a value greater then 0. The user’s account is locked in memory for the number of minutes you specified. The account is unlocked after the time period elapses. You can configure Memory Locking so that a user account is locked in memory after a specified number of tries. The user account will be locked when AM server is restarted.