Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo compile the Login Module

  1. Set the following environment variables.

    These variables will be used to run the gmake command. You can also set these variables in the Makefile. This Makefile is in the following directory: AccessManager-base /samples/authentication/spi/providers.

    JAVA_HOME: Set this variable to your installation of JDK. The JDK should be version 1.3.1_06 or higher.

    CLASSPATH: Set this variable to refer to am_services.jar which can be found in the Idetnity_base/lib directory. Include jaas.jar in your classpath if you are using JDK version less than JDK1.4

    BASE_DIR: Set this variable to the directory where the Access Manager is installed.

    BASE_CLASS_DIR: Set this variable to the directory where all the Sample compiled classes are located.

    JAR_DIR: Set this variable to the directory where the JAR files of the Sample compiled classes will be created.

  2. In the AccessManager-base/samples/authentication/spi/providers directory, run gmake.