Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Run the Sample on Windows 2000

  1. In make.bat, set the following properties:

    BASE: Enter the path to the directory where Access manager is installed

    JAVA_HOME: Enter the path to the directory where the Java compiler is installed.

    CONFIG: Enter the entry which will be used for user authentication. This entry is specified in the login configuration file.

  2. Copy from Access Manager server installation machine location <CONFIG_DIR> to the client machine where this sample will be run.

  3. On the client machine, make sure the following are in your classpath:

    • am_services.jar

    • jaas.jar

    • jss3.jar


      Include jaas.jar in your classpath if you are using JDK version less than JDK1.4.

  4. A sample configuration file purejaassample.config is provided for testing this sample.

    The file contains only one entry named.Sample. Sample is the name to be entered for CONFIG in the Makefile.

    Sample {
     PureJAASSampleLoginModule required ORG_NAME="dc=iplanet,dc=com"
    			INDEX_NAME="LDAP" debug=true;

    The entry specifies that the LoginModule to be used to do the user authentication is the PureJAASSampleLoginModule. SampleLoginModule is must succeed in order for authentication to be considered successful. It passes options with ORG_NAME as the organization name and INDEX_NAME as the Access Manager authentication module to which this sample has to authenticate.

    If you must use a different login configuration, modify the Makefile. For example, change the following:

    to this:
  5. To compile, run the make command.

  6. To run the sample program, run the make run command.