Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

To Modify The User Profile View

The Access Manager console creates a default User Service view based on information defined in the amUser.xml service file.

A modified user profile view with functionality more appropriate to the organization’s environment can be defined by creating a new ViewBean and/or a new JSP. For example, an organization might want User attributes to be formatted differently than the default vertical listing provided. Another customization option might be to break up complex attributes into smaller ones. Currently, the server names are listed in one text field as:

protocol://Access Manager_host. domain:port

Instead, the display can be customized with three text fields:

protocol_chooser_field://server_host_field :port_number_field

A third customization option might be to add JavaScript to the ViewBean to dynamically update attribute values based on other defined input. The custom JSP would be placed in the following directory: AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-src/applications/console/user. The ViewBean is placed in the classpath The value of the attribute User Profile Display Class in the Administration Service (iplanet-am-admin-console-user- profile-class in the amAdminConsole.xml service file) would then be changed to the name of the newly created ViewBean. The default value of this attribute is