Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide


The sample program am_log_test logs a message to the specified log file on the Access Manager server, using the specified SSO Token.

To execute the am_log_test sample program, run this command:

am_log_test -n log_name -u logged_by_token_id -u user_token_id -m message [-d log_module] [-f properties_file]


Name of Log file on the Access Manager server.


SSO token ID with access to the Logging Service on the Access Manager server.


SSO token ID of a user for the log. Can be the logged_by_token_id or something else.


The log message.


The module name, if not specified, the default TestModule is used.


path to the properties file. If not set, the default properties file ../../config/ is used. Check to make sure appropriate values are set in the properties file before calling this program. See the Agents documentation for more information on the properties file.