Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 C API Reference

Summary of C Code Samples

Access Manager provides code samples that demonstrate how you can use the C APIs to connect your C applications to the Access Manager framework. By default, the code samples are installed in the following directory:


The csdk directory contains the following files:


Demonstrates the basic usage of Authentication SDK APIs you can use to login to an Identity Server.


Demonstrates the basic usage of Logging SDK APIs you can use to log a message to the Identity Server logs.


Demonstrates the basic usage of Policy SDK APIs you can use to evaluate policy for specified resources.

Note –

Before running the test, be sure the password for the property is in clear text. The sample am_policy_test.c does not decrypt the password before authenticating with Access Manager. Since it is only a sample, when running am_policy_test.c for testing purposes, having the password in clear text poses no security risk. Example: = UrlAccessAgent = clear-text-password


Demonstrates the basic usage of SSO SDK APIs you can use to perform session operations.


Demonstrates how the you can use Policy APIs to build a Web Agent for the Apache Web Server. This is a sample Web Agent and is not intended to serve as a real Web Agent.


Makefile for building a sample agent.


Provides detailed instructions for building and executing sample programs.