Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 C API Reference


Caller must either provide a URL to this function or have notification enabled with a valid notification URL in the properties file used to initialize SSO in am_sso_init(). The URL must point to a HTTP host and port that listens for notification messages from the server.

Notification messages are in XML. XML Notification messages received from the server should be passed to as a string (const char *) to am_notify(), which will parse the message and invoke listeners accordingly.

See the C API samples for more information.

When the listener is called, the sso_token_handle that is passed to the listener is a temporary one containing the updated session information from the server. Note that it is not the original sso_token_handle passed to am_sso_add_sso_token_listener().

Once added the listener will be called for any and all session event change notification. It will not be removed after it is called once like am_sso_add_sso_token_listener .