Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes

Miscellaneous Installation Issues

Installation Media Issues

The Java ES 2005Q4 installer is responsible for installing Java 1.5_03 to your system. You will not have to download a later version of Java in order to complete the installation.

Two versions of Directory Server are installed on Solaris 9 systems. When starting or stopping Directory Server you need to specify which version of Directory Server explicitly (for example, 5.2). This task is documented in the Installation Guide.

Also, a Portal Server log issue appears in the Solaris operating system (6267783). If the installer crashes or you interrupt the installation process, you should delete the /tmp/.jes_CaChE directory before restarting the installation process.

In CLI Mode, the Installer does not let you install Portal Server Gateway Alone (6279513)

A key issue is that the installer does not allow you to perform a deployment in the CLI mode because the installer does not allow you to select only the Gateway sub-components.

Solution Use the installer in the GUI mode.

Java ES 2005Q4 Installer needs a mechanism to query if a product license is of type evaluation (6265136)

The installer should check if shared components is an evaluation component and replace it if in fact it is an evaluation component.

Solution Ensure that the workstation does not have an evaluation component installed before beginning an installation.

Problem with IP Address validation for Netlet Proxy (6317592)

In the Netlet proxy panel, the installer does not accept the valid IP address and asks to enter the valid IP address. This problem also occurs in the GUI mode .

Solution Ensure that the /etc/hosts file contains the correct information.

Zone improvement and physical media installation (6298792)

Any Java ES 2005Q4 installation using CD swaps from within zones will fail. Installation into non-global zones from CDs is not supported in Java ES 2005Q4. Specifically, installation of Sun Cluster on a local zone is also not supported.

Installer requests patch that is not applicable on Solaris 9, update 6 (6315304)

When installing build 10 on Solaris 9, update 6 on the install fails because it requires a patch that is not applicable on update 6 (patch 117714–06).

Solution Install the SUNWced and SUNWcedu packages.

Post installation configurator does not copy localization files into the directory where soar.war is deployed (6274056)

The post installation configurator doe not copy the localization files into the directory where soar.war is deployed. The localization packages are installed under /opt/SUNWsoar/webapps/WEB-INF.

Solution After running the install target of configurator as normal the localization packages may be installed by typing the following command:

ant —f build-install.xml install.l10n

Multiple versions of exist (6226161)

Solution Only use the version of found in /opt/SUNWcomds/sbin. Ignore all other versions.

FQDN error when installing Messaging Server on Solaris 10 (no issue ID)

When you install Messaging Server on Solaris 10, you get a “hostname not a fully-qualified domain name” error. Solaris 10 supports IPv6. Ipnodes are found in the hostname resolution path.

Solution Manually add the FQDN to both the /etc/hosts and the /etc/inet/ipnodes files.

Insufficient disk space in /share (5099218)

If /share is an automount directory with nothing mounted to it, the installer flags “not enough space on /share “ when Sun Cluster agents are installed.

Solution Unmount /share and run the installer again.

# umount /share

Installer in silent mode does not upgrade some shared component packages (6208244)

When you run the installer in silent mode, SUNWpr and SUNWtls are not upgraded.

Solution Use pkadd to manually install from the Solaris operating system.

Installation log messages are not always valid (no specific ID)

Please note that log messages are not always valid. For example, the “no software was installed” message appears even if some (but not all) component products are installed after an error of some sort.

Mentions of “Sun ONE” in data services should be “Sun Java System” (no specific ID)

All occurrences of Sun ONE in the names and descriptions of the data services for Java ES applications should read “Sun Java System”. For example, “Sun Cluster data service for Sun ONE Application Server” should read “...for Sun Java System Application Server”.

Auto-selection of components in component selection page confusing (4957873)

When a component product is selected, the installer automatically selects to install any dependent component products. The component product selection page does not indicate that the dependencies have been selected along with the original component product.

Solution None.

Selected component notation inconsistent from page to page (5033467)

The “**” to indicate a disabled selection is not implemented globally.

Solution None.