Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes

Directory Server Installation

Slow DPS response causing exceptions in web server and system instability

When too many connections are established to the DPS server from a remote node, the DPS response is slow and exceptions are thrown.

Solution None

Directory Server Agent package SUNWdsha for Sun Cluster needs separating from Directory Server patch (6198729)

Since the agents are separate products, they should have patches that can be applied stand-alone to the agents' products.

Solution None.

Directory Server configuration output splits the progress bar on silent mode (4928102)

When components are configured the corresponding output is sent to the installer's stdout instead of the log. This action places the CLI progress bar on multiple lines in the installer output.

Solution None

Cannot configure Directory Server if you reinstall after uninstalling (6223527)

You cannot configure Directory Server if you are reinstalling after having uninstalled. During the uninstall, /var/opt is not removed. As a result, the Directory slapd is not found and there are errors logged when you try to start Directory Server.

Solution After uinstalling Directory Server, remove /var/opt before you reinstall.

Cannot install Directory Server and Administration Server in separate sessions (5096114)

If you install Directory Server in one session and then try to install Administration Server in a second session, the box for Administration Server is already checked even though it is not installed and configured. You therefore cannot install and configure Administration Server.

Solution Install Directory Server and Administration Server in the same session. Or, refer to the Directory Server Administration documentation to learn how to manually configure Administration Server.