Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes

Portal Server Installation

(Solaris and Linux) Portal Server upgrade failing — cannot find /opt/SUNWappserver7/bin/asadmin (6313972)

Solution Refer to the following publication for the latest upgrade documentation regarding this issue:

Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Upgrade Guide

SRA init scrips try to run /etc/init.d/cron (6300415)

Solution On a Solaris 10 system, after starting the gateway watchdog process, issue the command:

#svcadm restart cron

Application Server log contains Java exceptions, but install is successful (6320674)

The following exceptions may appear in the Application Server log during Portal installation:


Solution This is normal.

Portal Server Upgrade from Java ES 2005Q1 to Java ES 2005Q4 (redeploy) not working — waiting for a key “Y” (6309079)

When upgrading Portal Server from Java ES 2005Q1 into Java ES 2005Q4, using docs Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4, Upgrade Guide, July 29, 2005, command deploy does not work. This bug also applies to Administration Server and Access Manager. The bug only occurs when the file $HOME/.asadmintruststore is not present.

Solution Press “Y” and the Enter key, if command “deploy redeploy” stops and the question “Do you trust the above certificate [y/n] appears in a log (/var/opt/SUNWam/debug/deploy.log).

(Solaris and Linux) 10WS, Gateway Redirection is not happening in Multisession installation (4971011)

Solution Launch a browser to access the amconsole. Under the Service Configuration tab, choose gateway. In the right-bottom corner of the web page, choose the default link then choose the security tab. Add URL like "http://IS_HOST:PORT/amserver/UI/Login" into the Non-authenticated URLs: field. For example: Next, restart gateway using the following command: /etc/init.d/gateway -n default start debug.

Certificates expire on Portal Servers which use JCE 1.2.1 package (6297953)

Current Portal Servers still use JCE 1.2.1 packages which expire on July 27th, 2005.

Solution Although this issue exists for all Java ES releases from Java ES 2003Q4 to Java ES 2005Q4 and the JCE 1.2.1 files appear in the distribution, the files are not being used and will not affect Java ES 2005Q4.

Invalid shell syntax in remove_Wireless process (6301677)

The remove_Wireless process fails during Portal Server unconfigure operation (psconfig and unconfigurewithscrubds).

Solution Edit the remove_Wireless file and comment out the empty if statement. An example is shown below:

#Perform web container specific un-config


#if [ “$DEPLOY_TYPE” == “IWS” ]; then

#elif [ “$DEPLOY_TYPE” = “SUNONE” ]; then


Unable to stop Gateway in two host scenario (6283068)

Solution To start the gateway type ./gateway start -n default. In order to stop the gateway type /gateway stop -n default.

Portal Server Gateway login after Portal Server restart (6191449)

A fix is available in patches 118950–14 (Solaris SPARC), 118951–14 (Solaris/x86), and 118952–14 (Linux).

Solution Each time the Portal Server, Administration Server or Web Server is restarted, the gateway must also be restarted. Enter gateway stop to stop the server and gateway start to start the server.

Login page is not downloaded through proxylet (6216514)

When the proxylet is enabled, SRA still uses the rewriter technology to fetch the login pages and a part of the desktop page before the proxylet starts.

Solution None

Exception thrown after reloading Portal Desktop (218871)

Launching the instant messaging link and refreshing the portal desktop causes the “ERROR: content is not available” to appear. Also, an exception is thrown in this file:


Solution Edit the domain.xml file (located in /var/opt/SUNWappserver/domain1/config and perform the following

Modify the Java configuration classpath-prefix with /usr/share/lib/jaxen-core.jar

Type stop-domain domain1

Type asadmin start-domain

Enter your user name and password.

Help file link doe not work for iFrameprovider on the desktop (6199105)

Clicking on the help icon from the SampleIFrame Channel produces “HTTP Status 404 — /portal/docs/en/desktop/iframechann.htm” is not available.

Solution None. No help is provided with iFrame provider.

Installation and uninstallation of Portal Server appears to hang (5106639)

During installation and uninstallation of Portal Server, the installer and uninstaller appear to hang. The delay can be up to 30 minutes before installation/uninstallation finishes successfully.

Solution None.

Gateway redirection not happening in any multi-session installation (4971011)

Regardless of the installation mode, gateway redirection does not occur during a multi-session installation.


ProcedureTo enable gateway redirection

  1. Launch a Portal Server browser and access the amconsole.

  2. Under “Service Configuration” tab, select “gateway”.

  3. In the lower right corner of the window, click “default” and “security” tab as well.

  4. Then, add a URL like “http://IS_HOST:PORT/amserver/UI/Login” into “Non-authenticated URLs:” field.

    An example URL is

  5. Finally, restart the Portal gateway by doing the following as superuser:

    # /etc/init.d/gateway -n default start debug