Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes

Compatibility Issues Between Components

The table below highlights some of the compatibility issues in Java ES 2005Q4 components. For specific information, use the links above to access the appropriate component-level release note.



Access Manager 7 2005Q4 

The new functional capabilities of Release 4 Access Manager involve a number of new interfaces. Access manager support for these new interfaces is enabled by configuring Access Manager to run in enhanced (Realm) mode. However, Realm mode is not compatible with the earlier Java ES 2005Q1 or 2004Q2 Access Manager. For example, directory data has to be migrated to support Realm mode operation. The enhanced Access Manager Console is needed to support enhanced Access Manager services. In addition, Realm Mode does not support other Java ES components, such as Portal Server, Communications Express, Messaging Server, and others. To support backward compatibility, Release 4 Access Manager can be configured to run in Legacy mode.  

Legacy mode is necessary to support other Java ES components, as well as Access Manager policy agents, which cannot currently interoperate with Access Manager in Realm mode. This incompatibility is an important upgrade consideration, and means in most Java ES deployments, that Access Manager should be upgraded to Release 4 Legacy mode. 


Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 

The asaadmin commands —secure and —s options do not have the same behavior as in previous releases. See the product release notes for a detailed solution (as well as CR 6296862).

Also, Application Server 7 does not work with J2SE 5.0. Refer to the product release note for detailed information (as well as CR 6203688). 

Communications Express Java ES 2005Q4 

An incompatibility was introduced in Java ES 2005Q4 Communications Express user interface(UI): 

Java ES 42005Q4: You must supply the Start Time and End Time of the event.  

Java ES 2005Q1: You must supply the Start Time and Duration of the event.  

Communications Services Delegated Administrator 6 2005Q4 

This component has two issues: 

(1) Access Manager now has two install types: Realm mode and Legacy mode. Legacy mode is the default.  

(2) Upgrading Access Manager from version 6.x to 7.0 (Java ES Release 4) without upgrading Delegated Administrator to version 6 2005Q4 (Java ES Release 4). In the Delegated Administrator console or utility, user creation with mail or calendar service will fail. See the release notes for a detailed solution. 

Message Queue 3 2005Q1 (3.6)

Interface Stability: Sun Java Message Queue uses many interfaces that can help administrators automate tasks. Appendix B in the Message Queue Administration Guide classifies the interfaces according to their stability. The more stable an interface, the less likely it is to change in subsequent versions of the product.

Deprecation of Password Options: The following options have been deprecated for security reasons:





JDK 1.3 Client Support (Solaris and Linux Platforms): The following packages contain jar files used to support JNDI and JSSE for client development and deployment on JDK 1.3. These packages are shipped with Message Queue, Platform Edition only. These packages will not be delivered in a future release and are not installed by default. The packages are listed below:

SUNQiqsup— Solaris platform

sun-mq-sup— Linux platform

Messaging Server 6 2005 Q4 

The User Administration console does not work for Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 on Java ES 2005Q1 (Linux). If you open an Administration console you can manage to start and stop other product components. But when you select Messaging Server, the Administration console does not open a new window for Messaging Server 6. See the release note for a solution. 

Java ES 2005Q4 Installer 

The Java ES 2005Q4 installer presents a new alert regarding the selection of a web container. For each component in the following list, you can install a Java ES web container or you can use a compatible web container that is already installed. This alert does not appear in Java ES 2004Q2 or Java ES 2005Q1: 

- Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP5 2005Q4 

- Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Update 2 

- A compatible Web container previously installed on this system. 

Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4 

This issue is applicable to administrators who do not wish to upgrade the Instant Messaging Server from Java ES 2004Q2 to Java ES 2005Q1 or Java ES 2005Q4. For more information see The default factory is different in Java ES 2004Q2 and Java ES 2005Q1 (6200472). Also, after upgrading (on a Java ES 2004Q2 system) all shared components to Java ES 2005Q4 Instant Messenger multiplexor throws an exception. See the product release for the latest resolution. Essentially, Java ES 2004Q2 Instant Messaging is incompatible with Java ES 2005Q4 shared components.

Portal Server 6 2005Q4