Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Technical Overview

Access Components

Access components provide front-end access to system services, often secure access from Internet locations outside an enterprise firewall. In addition to providing such access, many provide a routing function as well. The access components included in Java Enterprise System and the services that they provide are shown in the following table. For more details on any component, see Access Component Descriptions.

Table 1–3 Java ES Access Components


Access Services Provided 

Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server

Provides security services for Directory Server from outside a corporate firewall. Directory Proxy Server provides directory access control,and routing for multiple Directory Server instances. 

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 

Provides for caching, filtering, and distribution of web content for both outgoing and incoming internet requests. 

Sun Java System Communications Express 

Provides web-based access to Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Directory Server, depending on configuration. 

Sun Java System Portal Server Secure Remote Access

Provides secure, Internet access from outside a corporate firewall to Portal Server content and services, including internal portals.  


Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Provides desktop clients using Microsoft Outlook with an interface to both Messaging Server and Calendar Server.