Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Technical Overview

Synthesis of the Three Architectural Dimensions

When viewed together, the three architectural dimensions shown in Figure 2–1 and discussed in the previous sections provide a framework for designing distributed software solutions. The three dimensions (infrastructure service dependencies, logical tiers, and quality of service) highlight the role played by Java ES components in solution architectures.

Each dimension represents a distinct architectural perspective. Any solution architecture needs to take them all into account. For example, distributed components in each logical tier of a solution architecture (dimension 2) need to be supported by appropriate infrastructure components (dimension 1) and appropriate service quality components (dimension 3).

Similarly, any component within a solution architecture plays different roles with respect to the different architectural dimensions. For example, Directory Server can be seen both as a back-end component in the data tier (dimension 2) and as a provider of persistence services (dimension 1).

Because the centrality of Directory Server with respect to these two dimensions, quality of service issues (dimension 3) are paramount for this Java ES component. A Directory Server failure would have a tremendous impact on a business system, so high availability design for this component is very important; and because Directory Server is used to store sensitive user or configuration information, security design for this component is also very important.

The interplay of the three dimensions with respect to Java ES components impacts the design of solution logical architectures and solution deployment architectures.

It is beyond the scope of this book to outline detailed design methodologies based on the architectural framework represented by Java Enterprise System Architectural Framework. However, the three-dimensional architecture framework highlights aspects of design that are important to understand in deploying software solutions based on Java Enterprise System.