Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Deprecated Features

The following features are being deprecated with this release of the Portal Server software.


The NetMail feature is being removed from this release. This includes the NetMail Java applet, NetMail Lite, the MailcheckProvider and Mailcheck channel, the NetMail LDAP service, and NetMail-related features of the UserInfoProvider.

Template Based Containers

The template-based containers, tab and table, are being deprecated. This includes the display profile Provider elements, templates, TemplateTableContainerProvider class, and TemplateTabContainerProvider class. The same functionality is provided by the JSP-based versions of the containers.

Command Line Utilities

Most of Portal Server CLIs from previous releases are deprecated and psadmin is the new CLI utility for the Portal Server. The only CLIs used by the Portal Server from previous releases are: psconfig, perftune, pstune-portal, pstune-env, and rdmgr. The following table shows the command-line utilities that are being deprecated in this release and the new command-line utility that support the same functionality.

Table 2 CLI — Deprecated Commands Map to New Commands

Deprecated CLI 

New CLI 


psadmin redeploy


psadmin merge/modify/add/remove/list-display-profile


psadmin start-sra-instance/stop-sra-instance


psadmin start-sra-instance/stop-sra-instance


psadmin import/export/list-par


psadmin deploy-portlet and psadmin undeploy-portlet


psadmin create-rewriter-ruleset

psadmin delete-rewriter-ruleset

psadmin get-rewriter-ruleset

psadmin list-rewriter-ruleset

psadmin set-rewriter-ruleset


psadmin start-sra-instance/stop-sra-instance

Java 1 Applets

Java 1 applets are being deprecated. This deprecation affects browsers that do not support plug-in JVMs (such as Netscape 4.7x and IE 5.0). To avail of the new features in Portal Server, use newer browsers.

Deprecation Notifications and Announcements

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 is being deprecated and it will not be supported in future releases.

Support for Netscape Navigator versions 6.2.1 and 7.0 is being deprecated and they will not be supported in future releases.