Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Administration Portlets and Tag Library

The administration tag library can be used to develop administration portlets for allowing administrators to administer portal through their portal desktop. Administration through portal desktop allows administrators to designate delegated administrators by providing access to administration tasks as portlets. A delegated administrator can be responsible for managing various tasks such as resetting passwords, creating and deleting users, tabs, and portlets, and arranging role based tabs, in a particular organization or a sub-organization. The tag library provides tags for achieving these tasks by writing portlets.

The administration tag library, associated with the portlets, can be used to modify out-of-the-box administration portlets or develop portlets with new administration functionality. The tag library supports user management, provider management, and portlet and WSRP management tasks. The tags in this library can be used for creating and administering channels based on JSPProvider. It is possible to write custom administration portlets with custom GUI using the tags in the tag library. The tag library can be used to write administrative portlets to administer any custom channel.

The sample set of administration portlets, included in this release of the Portal Server software, can be used to perform the administration tasks from the administrator's portal desktop. The administration portlets provide portal-based access to content and user administration tasks. The administration channels not only showcase the utilization of the administration tag library, but can also be used to design a simple portal desktop for a delegated administrator. The delegated administration display profile exists in the OrganizationAdministration role.

To access the sample portlets, log in to the Developer Sample as developerAdmin/developerAdmin and select the Administration tab. For more information on these channels, see the channel's online help.