Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Administration via Command Line Utilities

The psadmin import command does not update the Display Profile using the -—dp-only option. (#6323091)


When using the psadmin import subcommand with the --dp-only option, if the intention is to replace the whole display profile for the specified dn, then --overwrite option has to be used. For example, type ./psadmin import -u amadmin -f ps_password -p portal-ID --dp-only --continue --overwrite dporig.par.

Changes to classification.conf file are not displayed in Portal Server management console. (#6323167)


The Classification Rules do not reflect the rules added via the new classification.conf file and changes to the classification rules can be seen in Portal Server management console only after restarting the web container and CACAO server.

Unable to search using --searchportletdata or --searchorgdata options. (#6333299)


Unable to search using --searchportletdata or --searchorgdata options.

Upgrade: psadmin create-portal does not deploy the war files. (#6354710)


After the Portal Server upgrade is complete, the psadmin create-portal creates the war files, but they are not deployed.


The war files have to be deployed manually.

Creating a Portal Server instance does not upload the Portal Server directory archive. (#6357588)


When you run psadmin create-instance command from machine1, the directory structure /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 of machine1 is zipped and uploaded on machine2. This does not work.


Run psadmin create-instance on machine2 and it will be downloaded from machine1.

Portlet is not deployed if the instance is in the same domain (on ASApplication Server 8.1). (#6357650)


When you run psadmin deploy-portlet, the portlet should be deployed on all the instances of the portal. But the portlet is not seen when the instance desktop is accessed. The portlet is, however, deployed if the instance is on a different domain.

Portal directory not deleted if the instance is on a host other than the portal host. (#6355651)


Execute delete-portal from machine1. The directory /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 is deleted from machine1. However, the same directory is not deleted from machine2.


Delete the directory /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 from machine2.

Installation of portal hangs when installed on SSL instance on web server. (#6352637)


Portal hangs when you do the following:

  1. Install web server, Access Manager and Directory server on machine1.

  2. On machine2 install web server and make it SSL.

  3. Install AM-SDK on machine2.

  4. On machine2 install portal in config latermode.

  5. Configure CACAO using example2.xml.

  6. Make the following changes to



  7. Execute psadmin create-portal on the SSL instance of web server.

The CLI hangs.


After you see successfully completed message in /var/opt/SUNWportal/log/admin/portal.o.o.log,you can force to terminate psadmin.

Incorrect configuration is created in multiportal when two portal installs use different file systems. (#6348452)


The portlet and desktop administration fails since they take wrong values for configuration.


After create-instance zips, download the existing portal instance configuration from the remote host and unzip it on to the local host. All properties under /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1/config can be replaced by <portal-install>/template/portal/config and the token replacement can be done based on file system on the local host.

Portal not accessible after redeployment on WebSphere. (#6378407)


With WebSphere as web container, the portal webapp is not accessible after the psadmin redeploy is executed


To access the portal after redeploying on WebSphere, do the following:

  1. Go to WebSphere administration console.

  2. Start the portal webapp.

Redeploying portal on Weblogic managed server gives exception in the log file. (#6374906)


An error message and exception is displayed on the Weblogic console when you execute the following commands:

/space/PS/SUNWportal/bin/psadmin redeploy —u amadmin —f

/space/PS/SUNWportal/bin/ps_password -p pserv197011


Delete the portal.war that is already deployed from Weblogic admin console. Deploy the war file manually from Weblogic administration console from the following directory: