Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Command Line Tools for Administration

This release of the Portal Server software includes command line administration and management tools.


The Portal Server 7 administration CLI introduces a new administration CLI utility called psadmin. This utility facilitates all Portal Server management capabilities using the new Portal Server Administration Framework. The CLI contains functionality to administer and manage the following portal components:

All of the CLIs are called from one single utility called psadmin. Each CLI serves as one subcommand of psadmin. The Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Command-Line Reference describes the psadmin utility and its subcommands.

psadmin Utility Usage

psadmin {--help | help | -?} [component=componentName]
psadmin command {--help | -?}
psadmin {--version | -V} --adminuser|-u userName --passwordfile|-f passwordFile

When component is specified, list of component specific commands are displayed. The valid component names are: portal, desktop, logging, monitoring, portlet, rewriter, search, sra, ssoadapter, subscriptions, ubt, and wsrp.