Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes


The Portal Server software uses the Java logging API (JSR 47) for logging across all components. The logs and log configuration are uniform across portal components. There are seven standard log levels from severe to fine grain classification of log messages. The logs can be routed to different files or data sinks and can consist of a single file or multiple files; that is, one for each component.

Log levels can be set for each module, sub-module and logs can also be routed to separate files for each module, sub-module within each component. Each portal component logging can be configured through a specific properties file.

The following are the three psadmin subcommands used to configure logging in a Portal Instance:


Lists all the loggers. Optionally, it displays the detailed information of the root logger which includes the log level, and the log file name.


Sets the level for logger and also separate file for the logger.


Resets the log level and log file to that of the root logger.