Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Mobile Access

Installing patch to Mobile Access software. (#6365852)


You should install a patch to Mobile Access software.


To install patch to Mobile Access software, use the following instructions:

  1. Install Portal Server.

  2. Download the patch 119530-02 from

  3. Install the patch.

  4. Restart Portal Server and Access Manager.

Manual step to enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7. (#6312195)


Manual steps are necessary to enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7.0.


Perform the following steps:

  1. On the psconsole, click Portals.

  2. Click portal1 in the list of portals.

  3. In the Select DN drop-down menu, select DeveloperSample.

    Note –

    If the user creates own organization, then select the user-created organization.

  4. In the Desktop Attributes section, change the default value of parent container to WirelessDesktopDispatcher.

  5. Ensure the value of Edit Container is set to JSPEditContainer.

  6. Ensure the value of Desktop Type is set to developer_sample.

  7. Click Save.

Voice portal does not show unread email messages if user ID and email ID are different. (#6251291)


When the user accesses email messages through Voice portal and selects the option List Unread Messages Addressed To Me, there is no message indicating the present unread email messages even if unread email messages are available. This happens when the mail server login user ID is different from that of the email ID. For example, the login user ID is JohnDoe and the email ID is

Add MailProvider to access voice portal. (#6335332)


To enable the Mail channel to be available while accessing Voice portal, you need to do the following;

  1. Create a Mail channel of type MailProvider.

  2. From psconsole, add the channel to the portal desktop (MyFrontPageTabPanelContainter).

  3. From psconsole, add the MailProvider-based channel to VoiceJSPDesktopContainer.

Online help not available for Mobile Mail Preferences. (#6185112)


From portal desktop select Edit Mail. Click Mobile Mail Preferences link. When you click, the Help window displays an error instead of information on how to use Mobile Mail Preferences.

An error message is displayed when logging onto the Portal using a Nokia WML device. (#6242679)


While logging in to the Portal through Nokia WML device an error message, File too Large to be Downloaded, is displayed.


Change the attribute of the device profile from Cookies Supported to Cookies Not Supported.

Native path fails with too many channels. (#6242641)


When there are too many channels on the desktop it displays an error message “File too large to be loaded”.


To allow many channels on the desktop:

  1. Log in to Portal Server management console.

  2. Click Manage Channels & Containers button.

    A popup window appears.

  3. From Select Location drop-down menu, choose DeveloperSample and click OK.

    You are taken to Manage Containers And Channels page.

  4. From View Type, choose JSPNativeContainer.

    You will see the available channels on the left and Properties on the right.

  5. Change the frontPagesize to approximate size of the desktop after adding n number of channels to desktop.

  6. Uncheck IsChannelsMinimized, so that channel contents are split into multiple pages.

Large html attachment is not fully displayed in email. (#6294635)


If the email attachment is larger than what the browser can handle, then the contents of the attachments are only partly displayed in the mobile device.

Unix authentication module in cookieless mode displays error message. (#6301733)


Log in to mobile desktop using Unix authentication module in Cookieless mode displays Serious desktop error message. However, in Cookies Supported mode, the log in succeeds.

Treo device connects only if the default HTTP port is 80. (#6321267)


Treo mobile device accesses Mobile Access functionality only when the portal server is installed on the default HTTP port 80.

Deleted messages are not removed permanently from voice portal. #(6251934)


Log in to the voice portal and select Mail option. From the listed messages by the voicelet, delete and confirm the deletion of a message. When you log back into the Mail through the voice portal, the deleted message is marked for deletion and not permanently deleted.


Permanently delete the messages that are marked for deletion using a mail client.

Special characters in subject line of unread email exits Voice Mail Channel. (#6301217)


The Voice Mail Channel abruptly exits if the subject line of an unread email contains the two special characters & and <. You get a message “We have encountered technical difficulties.”

Account inactivated without lockout warning. (#6252408)


A warning message is not displayed despite enabling lockout warning in the administration console and the account is inactivated due to multiple incorrect login attempts.

Mail views cannot be configured for non-default devices. (#6332781)


Mail views cannot be configured for devices that are not mentioned in the list of mobile devices under the Portal desktop. When you try to set Device Views, only default devices are displayed.

POP collection settings is not saved. (#6332798)


When you create a POP collection from the Communication Express Mail channel, only the POP collection name and port number are saved. The server name and user information is not saved.


After you create a POP collection and click Finish, Click Edit to verify the settings before exiting the Mobile Mail Preferences. This step saves the POP collection settings correctly.

Command line interface restrictions. (#6312802)


The Mobile Access software configuration attributes with user-friendly names, sortBy, sortOrder, fromAddress, and sentFolderCopy cannot be maintained through command line interface (CLI). However, you can maintain these attributes by editing them by clicking the Edit link from the mail channel.

Mail menu error makes Mail channel unusable. (#6329170)


When you click the Mail menu, you see an error instead of the menu items.


Configuring the address book enables the Mail channel to work properly.

Self-register feature registers user in top level. (#6330978)


A new user is created at the top level org despite selecting DeveloperSample as the target place for creating the user. Also, you cannot self-register using the Register option on the authless desktop. The mobile desktop for the newly registered user says that no channels have been configured.


Self-register function works when performed from the Membership authentication module and the user is created under the DeveloperSample org.

Edit Content and Edit Layout options do not affect display on Mobile Desktop. (#6332777)


Despite making changes to these options on portal desktop, the changes are not reflected on mobile desktop and also, once the Mobile desktop is accessed, accessing the portal desktop again causes the changes made in portal desktop to be lost.

Links to three mobile services appear without any configuration. (#6358359)


Links to MobileMail, MobileCalendar and MobileAddressBook appear in the mobile desktop even when they are not added to JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer. The three mobile services should appear only when they are added to JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer.

HTML to AML functionality is broken. (#6351027)


Most mobile devices are supported using the AML-based JSP files. The output of the AML pages is processed by the rendering engine, which translates AML to device-specific markup. This functionality is not functioning.

Accessing nested containers displays error. (#6301735)


Nesting containers and accessing them using a mobile device displays “Serious Desktop Error” message.