Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes


Users cannot unzip multi-byte files in Internet Explorer 6.0. (#4935010)


When using Internet Explorer 6.0, users are unable to unzip multi-byte zip files created by NetFile. This problem occurs if the zip utility is used to unzip files in the Windows environment.


If using the Windows platform, use the gzip utility to unzip multi-byte files.

Community Sample Portal is not fully localized. (#6337499)


Some of the channels in Community Sample Portal is displayed in English. The introduction channel contents, document channel content links on the bottom of the page, channel titles are displayed in English.

Enterprise Sample Portal is not localized. (#6337500)


Enterprise Sample has not been localized.

Developer sample English online help is displayed from channel help. (#6338191)


Following channels do not have localized online help:

  • My Front Page tab

  • IM channel

  • Proxylet channel

  • Netlet channel

  • Communications Express Mail

  • Communications Express Calendar

  • Communications Express Address Book

  • WSSSO Portlet

  • Sample tab

  • Sun News channel

  • Syndicated contents tab

  • RSS feed channel

  • Portlet Sample tab

  • Bookmark portlet

  • Show Time portlet

  • Notepad portlet

  • Weather portlet

  • JSF GuessNumber portlet

In Developer Sample some of links in the anonymous desktop are in English for zh locale. (#6339912)


In zh locale, Home , Help , Welcome links and Developer Sample are displayed in English for anonymous user.

Clicking Edit button on channel having multi-byte name throws serious desktop error. (#6342711)


Create a channel with a multi-byte name or a tab with a multi-byte name and add channels to it. Click the Edit button of these channels and you get serious desktop error message.


Give multi-byte title and description for channel and tab in English.

Partially localized psadmin CLI. (#6349624)


Some psadmin CLI messages are not localized. They are in English.

Community Sample online help is not localized. (6357704)


Click the Help button on Community Sample portal and it displays the English online help page.


To display localized online help, add the following locale to the help URL:

http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/Help/index.html becomes http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/<locale>/Help/index.html.


For Japanese locale, the URL is http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/ja/Help/index.html

Help file index.html not present for de and es locale. (#6363713)


Community Sample portal help file index.html not present for de and es locale.

In Community Sample, multi-byte filenames are garbled in File Sharing portlet. (#6357711)


File Sharing portlet is not able to parse multi-byte file names correctly.

English desktop is not displayed when web server is started on locale other then English. (#6347770)


When web container is started in locale other then English, and if content is requested by setting browser-preferred locale to English, then some of the desktop contents will be in the locale in which the server was started.


Start Web Container in English locale.

No NetFile links on My Applications channel to Java1 and Java2. (#6338816)


In My Application channel, NetFile Java1 and NetFile Java2 links are not present in localized desktop. The links are present only when the desktop is in English.

Japanese psconsole online help has non-reviewed file. (#6357536)


The Japanese language online help displayed on the PSConsole is non-reviewed. It also contains some special characters.

Current time and edit page error messages are in English. (# 6266477, 6266492)


In the Weather portlet, current time and edit page error messages are in English.