Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Bugs in this Release

This section contains information on the open bugs of the Portal Server 7 software. The following product areas are covered:

Administration via Command Line Utilities

The psadmin import command does not update the Display Profile using the -—dp-only option. (#6323091)


When using the psadmin import subcommand with the --dp-only option, if the intention is to replace the whole display profile for the specified dn, then --overwrite option has to be used. For example, type ./psadmin import -u amadmin -f ps_password -p portal-ID --dp-only --continue --overwrite dporig.par.

Changes to classification.conf file are not displayed in Portal Server management console. (#6323167)


The Classification Rules do not reflect the rules added via the new classification.conf file and changes to the classification rules can be seen in Portal Server management console only after restarting the web container and CACAO server.

Unable to search using --searchportletdata or --searchorgdata options. (#6333299)


Unable to search using --searchportletdata or --searchorgdata options.

Upgrade: psadmin create-portal does not deploy the war files. (#6354710)


After the Portal Server upgrade is complete, the psadmin create-portal creates the war files, but they are not deployed.


The war files have to be deployed manually.

Creating a Portal Server instance does not upload the Portal Server directory archive. (#6357588)


When you run psadmin create-instance command from machine1, the directory structure /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 of machine1 is zipped and uploaded on machine2. This does not work.


Run psadmin create-instance on machine2 and it will be downloaded from machine1.

Portlet is not deployed if the instance is in the same domain (on ASApplication Server 8.1). (#6357650)


When you run psadmin deploy-portlet, the portlet should be deployed on all the instances of the portal. But the portlet is not seen when the instance desktop is accessed. The portlet is, however, deployed if the instance is on a different domain.

Portal directory not deleted if the instance is on a host other than the portal host. (#6355651)


Execute delete-portal from machine1. The directory /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 is deleted from machine1. However, the same directory is not deleted from machine2.


Delete the directory /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1 from machine2.

Installation of portal hangs when installed on SSL instance on web server. (#6352637)


Portal hangs when you do the following:

  1. Install web server, Access Manager and Directory server on machine1.

  2. On machine2 install web server and make it SSL.

  3. Install AM-SDK on machine2.

  4. On machine2 install portal in config latermode.

  5. Configure CACAO using example2.xml.

  6. Make the following changes to



  7. Execute psadmin create-portal on the SSL instance of web server.

The CLI hangs.


After you see successfully completed message in /var/opt/SUNWportal/log/admin/portal.o.o.log,you can force to terminate psadmin.

Incorrect configuration is created in multiportal when two portal installs use different file systems. (#6348452)


The portlet and desktop administration fails since they take wrong values for configuration.


After create-instance zips, download the existing portal instance configuration from the remote host and unzip it on to the local host. All properties under /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/portal1/config can be replaced by <portal-install>/template/portal/config and the token replacement can be done based on file system on the local host.

Portal not accessible after redeployment on WebSphere. (#6378407)


With WebSphere as web container, the portal webapp is not accessible after the psadmin redeploy is executed


To access the portal after redeploying on WebSphere, do the following:

  1. Go to WebSphere administration console.

  2. Start the portal webapp.

Redeploying portal on Weblogic managed server gives exception in the log file. (#6374906)


An error message and exception is displayed on the Weblogic console when you execute the following commands:

/space/PS/SUNWportal/bin/psadmin redeploy —u amadmin —f

/space/PS/SUNWportal/bin/ps_password -p pserv197011


Delete the portal.war that is already deployed from Weblogic admin console. Deploy the war file manually from Weblogic administration console from the following directory:


Access Manager Administration Console

Portal services in amconsole should provide proper message. (#6314550)


In the Access Manager administration console, if you click on any of the Portal Server services at Service configuration level, it displays There is no information to display for this service, at Org/role/user level, it displays Save/Reset/Delete buttons, and for some services, it displays Indicates required field.


You must administer the Portal Server services through psconsole.

Portal services in Access Manager console should display a descriptive message. (#6314550)


From the Access Manager console, when you select aPortal Server service, the following message is displayed:

There is no information to display for this service

The Portal Server services should be administered using the Portal Server management console or the psadmin command line utility.

User Behavior Tracking reports not generated. (#6373731)


Enable User Behavior Tracking for a particular org from psconsole. When you click Generate Reports from the portal desktop, an unknown error message is displayed.


Set —Djava.awt.headless=true in server.xml of the web server on which psconsole is deployed.

Collaboration and Communities

Shared Events Portlet: Search for events shows multiple entries for the same event. (#6305026)


When you create a repeating (recurring event), five instances of that event is created.

Unable to access the Wiki through Gateway, (#6329795)


After logging in to the Community Sample, the Wiki (HTML editor) portlet does not load through Gateway.

The delete event button does not work on the Shared Events portlet on Linux. (#6335175)


In the Community Sample, if you create an event and then try to delete the event, the delete button does not get activated.


Select the edit button for the event to delete the event.

Exception occurs while attaching certain file types (#6360141)


From the wiki, an exception occurs while attaching any file of type .txt, .html or .xml.



Community portlets failing intermittently. (#6336646)


The community portlets are failing intermittently on the community home page when installed on Application Server.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Disable parellel-execution flag in the file:


    The file is located in the <portal-server-data-directory>/portals/<portal-instance>/config directory.

  2. Restart the application server.

Communication Channels

Lotus Address Book and Calendar does not work with old NCSO.jar. (#6216069)


Lotus Address Book and Calendar need the latest version of NCSO.jar to work.


Use the latest version of Domino, for example NCSO.jar from Domino 6.5.1.

Administrator proxy authentication disables end user credentialing. (#6229105)


When administrator proxy authentication is enabled, the communication channels (JSP version) do not display any server or user provisioning fields in the edit pages.


The values need to be specified by the portal administrator in either the SSO adapter templates or SSO adapter configurations.


Name of new tab created from desktop not visible in psconsole. (#6363585)


When you create a new tab tab1 from the portal desktop, the new tab still has the name as JSPTabCustomTableContainer1 and sometimes it is JSPTabCustomTableContainer0.

On selecting layout successive new frames are opened. (#6347765)


Log on to the portal desktop and select the provider as FrameTabContainer. Click Layout and choose any layout by clicking the radio button. The changed layout appears in a new tab frame and not in the original frame. Successive new frames are opened whenever the layout is changed in the new frame.

Value field needs to be made compulsory for Integer Property creation. (#6364215)


Try creating an Integer Property without a value. Property creation fails.


Do not leave the Integer Property value field empty.

Clicking help links on portal desktop displays error. (#6340627)


Log on to portal desktop and click the help link for any of the channels and an error message is displayed.

WebSphere Weather portlet displays error. (#6396623)


Log on to portal desktop and click the portlet samples tab, the Weather portlet displays an error. Instead, it should display “The service is currently not available.”

User's time zone is not reflected in Showtime portlet. (#6401315)


After logging in to portal desktop, click Edit under User Information. Change Timezone to BMT and click Finished. The User Information still shows IST (Calcutta).


The import and modify display profile fails when deploying samples on a new portal on Linux. (#6301873)


The import and modify display profile fails when deploying samples on a new portal on Linux.

GUI installer cannot be used for multi-portal installation. (#6329786)


When the GUI installer is used for multiple portal installation, it displays successfully completed message but the portal is not installed on the second machine.


To perform a multi-portal installation using GUI installer, do the following:

  1. Install AM-SDK and web server on the second machine.

  2. Start the web container.

  3. Invoke the GUI installer and install the portal bits with Configure Later option.

  4. Copy the /etc/opt/SUNWcacao/security directory from the machine where. the first portal resides to the second machine and then restart the CACAO server on the second machine.

  5. Copy /opt/SUNWcacao/bin/cacaoadm restart in case of Solaris and /opt/sun/cacao/bin/cacaoadm restart in case of Linux.

  6. Install the portal using psconfig --config example6.xml (this file may vary depending on what the user wants to install).

    The example files can be accessed from <PS_INSTALL_DIR>/SUNWportal/samples/psconfig in case of Solaris and <PS_INSTALL_DIR>/portal/samples/psconfig directory in case of Linux. README.txt in the same directory explains the configuration of each example file.

  7. Start the CACAO.

Deleting a portal and creating it again with the same name fails. (#6361883)


The instance ID of a portal continues to exist in the directory server even after a portal is deleted and prevents creation of another instance with the same name.

Portal install document lacks sample configuration file examples. (#6385520)


Sample default configuration file with appropriate values needs to be provided in the document.


The following is sample values for the configuration file:

INST_GWNAME% — "default"

URI% -"/portal"

Deleting portal on Weblogic does not remove portal information. (#6376297)


Install Portal Server 7 on Weblogic managed server. Run psadmin delete-portal command. This does notremove all portal related information from and brings it back to its initial fresh state.

Portlet needs to be deployed from console for portal running on admin server. (#6338787)


When you add a portlet channel to the desktop and load the user desktop, it displays an error message.


The portlet will appear on the user's desktop if deployed again from Weblogic console.

Portal installation on Weblogic managed server fails. (#6347297)


When Access Manager and Portal Server are on the same Weblogic managed server, the portal installation fails. However, if Access Manager and Portal Server are on different managed servers, then the portal installation works.

In multiple portal instances deleting one instance corrupts the others too. (#6376216)


After creating three portal instances on three managed servers deployed on Weblogic, runningpsadmin delete-instance corrupts script and you cannot run the other two portal instances.


Backup the script before performing the psadmin delete-instance operation. After you delete the portal instance, restore the backed up script and the other portal instances on the same domain will continue to work.

Inter Portlet Communication

Inter Portlet Communication (multiple war) does not work in case the portlet channel is minimized or closed. (#6271542)


Currently, the scope of the event processing is limited to the portlets in the same tab. Hence, portlets in minimized or closed channel do not appear in the list of portlets participating in inter portlet communication. Inter Portlet Communication will not work in case the portlet channel is minimized or closed since the events will not be sent to closed or minimized channels.


Users cannot unzip multi-byte files in Internet Explorer 6.0. (#4935010)


When using Internet Explorer 6.0, users are unable to unzip multi-byte zip files created by NetFile. This problem occurs if the zip utility is used to unzip files in the Windows environment.


If using the Windows platform, use the gzip utility to unzip multi-byte files.

Community Sample Portal is not fully localized. (#6337499)


Some of the channels in Community Sample Portal is displayed in English. The introduction channel contents, document channel content links on the bottom of the page, channel titles are displayed in English.

Enterprise Sample Portal is not localized. (#6337500)


Enterprise Sample has not been localized.

Developer sample English online help is displayed from channel help. (#6338191)


Following channels do not have localized online help:

  • My Front Page tab

  • IM channel

  • Proxylet channel

  • Netlet channel

  • Communications Express Mail

  • Communications Express Calendar

  • Communications Express Address Book

  • WSSSO Portlet

  • Sample tab

  • Sun News channel

  • Syndicated contents tab

  • RSS feed channel

  • Portlet Sample tab

  • Bookmark portlet

  • Show Time portlet

  • Notepad portlet

  • Weather portlet

  • JSF GuessNumber portlet

In Developer Sample some of links in the anonymous desktop are in English for zh locale. (#6339912)


In zh locale, Home , Help , Welcome links and Developer Sample are displayed in English for anonymous user.

Clicking Edit button on channel having multi-byte name throws serious desktop error. (#6342711)


Create a channel with a multi-byte name or a tab with a multi-byte name and add channels to it. Click the Edit button of these channels and you get serious desktop error message.


Give multi-byte title and description for channel and tab in English.

Partially localized psadmin CLI. (#6349624)


Some psadmin CLI messages are not localized. They are in English.

Community Sample online help is not localized. (6357704)


Click the Help button on Community Sample portal and it displays the English online help page.


To display localized online help, add the following locale to the help URL:

http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/Help/index.html becomes http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/<locale>/Help/index.html.


For Japanese locale, the URL is http://<host.domain>/portal/community/content/ja/Help/index.html

Help file index.html not present for de and es locale. (#6363713)


Community Sample portal help file index.html not present for de and es locale.

In Community Sample, multi-byte filenames are garbled in File Sharing portlet. (#6357711)


File Sharing portlet is not able to parse multi-byte file names correctly.

English desktop is not displayed when web server is started on locale other then English. (#6347770)


When web container is started in locale other then English, and if content is requested by setting browser-preferred locale to English, then some of the desktop contents will be in the locale in which the server was started.


Start Web Container in English locale.

No NetFile links on My Applications channel to Java1 and Java2. (#6338816)


In My Application channel, NetFile Java1 and NetFile Java2 links are not present in localized desktop. The links are present only when the desktop is in English.

Japanese psconsole online help has non-reviewed file. (#6357536)


The Japanese language online help displayed on the PSConsole is non-reviewed. It also contains some special characters.

Current time and edit page error messages are in English. (# 6266477, 6266492)


In the Weather portlet, current time and edit page error messages are in English.


Log file for Portal Server is empty on WebSphere 5.1. (#6301159)


Complete configuration steps for WebSphere 5.1. When you check the portal logs, they are empty. The sequence of portal server performance is not logged.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the following JVM options:



  2. Add the following JVM options as the first two JVM entries:


Unable to set log files for logger name. (#6333966)


Unable to set log files for logger name with set-logger when the component is gateway, nlproxy, and rwproxy.


Change permissions to read, write, and execute for the SRA logging directory and all the files in the directory.


chmod -R a+rwx/var/opt/SUNWportal/logs/sra

Mobile Access

Installing patch to Mobile Access software. (#6365852)


You should install a patch to Mobile Access software.


To install patch to Mobile Access software, use the following instructions:

  1. Install Portal Server.

  2. Download the patch 119530-02 from

  3. Install the patch.

  4. Restart Portal Server and Access Manager.

Manual step to enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7. (#6312195)


Manual steps are necessary to enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7.0.


Perform the following steps:

  1. On the psconsole, click Portals.

  2. Click portal1 in the list of portals.

  3. In the Select DN drop-down menu, select DeveloperSample.

    Note –

    If the user creates own organization, then select the user-created organization.

  4. In the Desktop Attributes section, change the default value of parent container to WirelessDesktopDispatcher.

  5. Ensure the value of Edit Container is set to JSPEditContainer.

  6. Ensure the value of Desktop Type is set to developer_sample.

  7. Click Save.

Voice portal does not show unread email messages if user ID and email ID are different. (#6251291)


When the user accesses email messages through Voice portal and selects the option List Unread Messages Addressed To Me, there is no message indicating the present unread email messages even if unread email messages are available. This happens when the mail server login user ID is different from that of the email ID. For example, the login user ID is JohnDoe and the email ID is

Add MailProvider to access voice portal. (#6335332)


To enable the Mail channel to be available while accessing Voice portal, you need to do the following;

  1. Create a Mail channel of type MailProvider.

  2. From psconsole, add the channel to the portal desktop (MyFrontPageTabPanelContainter).

  3. From psconsole, add the MailProvider-based channel to VoiceJSPDesktopContainer.

Online help not available for Mobile Mail Preferences. (#6185112)


From portal desktop select Edit Mail. Click Mobile Mail Preferences link. When you click, the Help window displays an error instead of information on how to use Mobile Mail Preferences.

An error message is displayed when logging onto the Portal using a Nokia WML device. (#6242679)


While logging in to the Portal through Nokia WML device an error message, File too Large to be Downloaded, is displayed.


Change the attribute of the device profile from Cookies Supported to Cookies Not Supported.

Native path fails with too many channels. (#6242641)


When there are too many channels on the desktop it displays an error message “File too large to be loaded”.


To allow many channels on the desktop:

  1. Log in to Portal Server management console.

  2. Click Manage Channels & Containers button.

    A popup window appears.

  3. From Select Location drop-down menu, choose DeveloperSample and click OK.

    You are taken to Manage Containers And Channels page.

  4. From View Type, choose JSPNativeContainer.

    You will see the available channels on the left and Properties on the right.

  5. Change the frontPagesize to approximate size of the desktop after adding n number of channels to desktop.

  6. Uncheck IsChannelsMinimized, so that channel contents are split into multiple pages.

Large html attachment is not fully displayed in email. (#6294635)


If the email attachment is larger than what the browser can handle, then the contents of the attachments are only partly displayed in the mobile device.

Unix authentication module in cookieless mode displays error message. (#6301733)


Log in to mobile desktop using Unix authentication module in Cookieless mode displays Serious desktop error message. However, in Cookies Supported mode, the log in succeeds.

Treo device connects only if the default HTTP port is 80. (#6321267)


Treo mobile device accesses Mobile Access functionality only when the portal server is installed on the default HTTP port 80.

Deleted messages are not removed permanently from voice portal. #(6251934)


Log in to the voice portal and select Mail option. From the listed messages by the voicelet, delete and confirm the deletion of a message. When you log back into the Mail through the voice portal, the deleted message is marked for deletion and not permanently deleted.


Permanently delete the messages that are marked for deletion using a mail client.

Special characters in subject line of unread email exits Voice Mail Channel. (#6301217)


The Voice Mail Channel abruptly exits if the subject line of an unread email contains the two special characters & and <. You get a message “We have encountered technical difficulties.”

Account inactivated without lockout warning. (#6252408)


A warning message is not displayed despite enabling lockout warning in the administration console and the account is inactivated due to multiple incorrect login attempts.

Mail views cannot be configured for non-default devices. (#6332781)


Mail views cannot be configured for devices that are not mentioned in the list of mobile devices under the Portal desktop. When you try to set Device Views, only default devices are displayed.

POP collection settings is not saved. (#6332798)


When you create a POP collection from the Communication Express Mail channel, only the POP collection name and port number are saved. The server name and user information is not saved.


After you create a POP collection and click Finish, Click Edit to verify the settings before exiting the Mobile Mail Preferences. This step saves the POP collection settings correctly.

Command line interface restrictions. (#6312802)


The Mobile Access software configuration attributes with user-friendly names, sortBy, sortOrder, fromAddress, and sentFolderCopy cannot be maintained through command line interface (CLI). However, you can maintain these attributes by editing them by clicking the Edit link from the mail channel.

Mail menu error makes Mail channel unusable. (#6329170)


When you click the Mail menu, you see an error instead of the menu items.


Configuring the address book enables the Mail channel to work properly.

Self-register feature registers user in top level. (#6330978)


A new user is created at the top level org despite selecting DeveloperSample as the target place for creating the user. Also, you cannot self-register using the Register option on the authless desktop. The mobile desktop for the newly registered user says that no channels have been configured.


Self-register function works when performed from the Membership authentication module and the user is created under the DeveloperSample org.

Edit Content and Edit Layout options do not affect display on Mobile Desktop. (#6332777)


Despite making changes to these options on portal desktop, the changes are not reflected on mobile desktop and also, once the Mobile desktop is accessed, accessing the portal desktop again causes the changes made in portal desktop to be lost.

Links to three mobile services appear without any configuration. (#6358359)


Links to MobileMail, MobileCalendar and MobileAddressBook appear in the mobile desktop even when they are not added to JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer. The three mobile services should appear only when they are added to JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer.

HTML to AML functionality is broken. (#6351027)


Most mobile devices are supported using the AML-based JSP files. The output of the AML pages is processed by the rendering engine, which translates AML to device-specific markup. This functionality is not functioning.

Accessing nested containers displays error. (#6301735)


Nesting containers and accessing them using a mobile device displays “Serious Desktop Error” message.


Monitoring does not work on WebSphere (#6376117)


Monitoring does not work when Portal Server 7 software is installed on WebSphere


To enable monitoring, disable the following in



Monitoring does not work in a multi portal instance scenario. (#6396046)


When there are multiple portal instances available, if you bring one or more portal instances down, the Monitoring tab does not work.

Monitoring does not work for portal created using psadmin create-portal. (#6323766)


Monitoring displays an error message while executing the CLI.


Go to /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/

Change the value of com.sun.identity.jss.donotInstallAtHighestPriority from false to true. Then restart the web container.

Container mbeans are not listed on psconsole. (#6362460)


Monitoring information on containers is not available on psconsole, but available through psadmin Monitoring subcommands

Sorting of channel name on monitoring tab not functional. (#6354751)


Unknown error message is displayed when you click on Channel Name tab to sort.

Monitoring functionality will work only if portal is accessed at least once. (#6365342)


If the portal server instance is not running or if portal has not been accessed at least once, the Setting tab shows status of the portal server instance as Not Available.


Online help content is not displayed for NetFile. (#6375496)


When you click the Help menu for NetFile Java2, an error is displayed instead of the help content.


Netlet does not load when portal is launched from Proxylet. (#6296829)


Portal sessioncannot be launched through Proxylet after creating a Proxylet rule in the portal and a Netlet rule in amconsole.

Personalized Knowledge Pack

Discussions created by registered users appear as anonymous. (#6363127)


When a registered portal user creates a new discussions in the community services, the discussion appears as created by an anonymous user.


Add Authentication Configuration service to the user.


Log files are redirected if the display name is null. (#6319289)


In case the display name is null in web.xml, the logs from portlet web application will be directed to the default logger for portlet web application.

Templates loaded by shared events and tasks not accessible from psconsole. (#6350620)


SSOAdapterTemplates added using amadmin do not appear in psconsole.


Stop and restart the CACAO server using the following command:

/opt/SUNWcacao/bin/cacaoadm stop; /opt/SUNWcacao/bin/cacaoadm start

Portal desktop does not close the Proxylet console. (#6241355)


Even after you log out of the portal console, the Proxylet continues to run.

Extend Session attribute in Netlet does not work. (#6252410)


The portal desktop session times out even though the Netlet session is active.


You need to log out of the portal desktop and log in again for the updated value of the Extend Session attribute to be reflected in the session.

Netlet is not loaded when portal is launched through Proxylet. (#6296829)


Initiate a portal session through Proxylet. The URL of the browser from where the Proxylet is launched is rewritten with portal desktop URL and the portal desktop is launched. When you launch the Netlet, the browser displays “Netlet is loading” message but fails to launch.

Custom portlets do not deploy in WebSphere from psconsole. (#6341228)


When you deploy a portlet from psconsole, you see a successfully deployed message. But, in the WebSphere administration console the portlet war file is not deployed. In the portal desktop, the Portlet Samples tab displays an error message.


To deploy portlets in WebSphere, perform the following steps:

  1. Run deploy portlet command from psconsole or psadmin.

  2. Go to WebSphere administration console http://<machine>:7090/admin and start the deployed portlet.

Portal Server Management Console

Redeploying one web application resets all other web applications in Sun Java System Web Server 6.1. (#6327475)


The Portal Server management console loses its session whenever a deploy/undeploy is done on any web applications in the web server.

Creating more than one portal instance should not be allowed on one web server instance. (#6326901)


Creating two portals on the same web server instance tightly couples both the portals. Any operation performed on one portal is automatically reflected on other portal.

The Portal Server instance needs to be restarted on WebLogic server. (#6339379)


Running the psadmin create-instance and psadmin create portal on a WebLogic starter requires restarting the web container.


Restart the WebLogic administration server and managed server.

Download of dp file fails if filename has .xml extension. (#6349031)


Using Explorer browser, if you download the dp file with the extension .xml, you get an error message that the xml file cannot be displayed.


Do not use a filename with .xml extension.

Help files not displayed on web server SSL machine. (#6351789)


Log in to psconsole and click the Help button. The Help contents are not displayed.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Add a bean managed property httpPort to the managed bean declaration of JavaHelpBean in ./web-src/common/common-fonfig.xml, which is located at common/common-config.xml inside the psconsole war file.

  2. Set the value of httpPort to a in-secure port (http) that the web container provides.


The following example demonstrates setting httpPort to port 8080:


<description>The backing bean for the Java Help component</description>

<managed-bean-name>JavaHelpBean </managed-bean-name>












The web container must supports a http port for the above example to take effect. A unjar and re-jar of the psconsole WAR needs to be added to manage the bean property and set the value of the http port. After making the new psconsole WAR, a redeploy is required to for the changes to take effect.

Admin panel fails to add file URLs as starting points. (#6360469)


Fails to add file URLs as starting points when editing a file system robot site.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a local file system site using URLs in the following formats:

    file:///filepath or file:/localhost/filepath

  2. Edit the file filterrules.conf to add starting points for the file system site definition.


Selecting Proxylet help button displays exception. (#6363076)


Invoke Proxylet in applet mode and select the help button. An exception is displayed in the help page. This happens only in Weblogic setup.


When using Microsoft Exchange 2003, GIF files are missing in some of the pages. (#6186547)


Many interface image files are missing.

In iNotes, under the Contacts tab, the Help page is redirected to the Administration console. (#6186541)


Clicking the Help button from the Contacts tab in iNotes displays the Administration console page instead of the Help page.

iNotes does not logout correctly. (#6186544)


Clicking on logout in iNotes displays two options. Neither of these options will log out of iNotes.

Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP3 gives warning messages and action cancelled messages. (#6186535)


The following actions in Exchange 2000 SP3 it causes security warning messages and Action cancelled messages:

  • Clicking New tab under Mail.

  • Selecting any item in the drop box list.

  • Clicking New tab under Calendar.

  • Clicking on Empty Deleted Items folder.

  • Creating a new task.

When using Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP3, Moving or Copying messages to specific folders doesn’t work. (#6186534)


If you login to the Portal Server software through the gateway, and you edit the bookmark channel with the Microsoft Exchange machine details, the Move/Copy buttons on the Microsoft Exchange interface produce the error “Operation could not be performed.”

When using Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP3, Clicking on empty deleted items folder displays Action Cancelled. (#6186540)


If you log in to the Portal Server software through the gateway, and you edit the bookmark channel with the Microsoft Exchange machine details, deleted items can not be emptied in the Microsoft Exchange interface.

URL present in Remote JavaScript not rewritten correctly. (#6364872)


URL present in Remote JavaScript not rewritten correctly.

Console Help is not provided for Rewriter RuleSets. (#6327431)


No Help option is available to explain Rewriter RuleSets screen.

Not all colors are used for Mail message composition. (#6308176)


The color palette only shows violet color irrespective of the color you select.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access installation fails when installing in different sessions. (#6333367)


Install Secure Remote Access in the same session as Portal Server.

Search, Subscriptions, and Discussions

The importmgr utility has no documentation. (#6203829)


Documentation on the new Search subcommands for import agents can be found in the Chapter 9, Search Subcommands - Import Agents, in Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Command-Line Reference.

Google APIs not fully supported. (#6335501)


Google APIs currently do not fully support double-byte character search, particularly in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Radio button malfunction. (#6361116)


The Radio button malfunctions for robot property extract meta data..


To change Extract meta data from “yes” to “no”, modify the following line from filter.conf:

Change Generate enable=true fn="extract-html-meta" type="text/html" to Generate enable=false fn="extract-html-meta" type="text/html"

To change Resolve cname from “yes” to “no”, modify the following line from robot.conf.

Change use-dns-cname=true to use-dns-cname=false.


Accessing sample portlets (such as IPC, search, guess) results in OPERATION_FAILED_FAULT error. (#6301203)


After configuring WSRP producer and/or consumer, unable to access remote portlets.

WSRP producer with SSL does not work with non SSL consumer. (#6292152)


WSRP producer with SSL does not work with non SSL consumer. The CACAO requires the truststore to be populated with the SSL servers CA certificate into the truststore and the password of the truststore set.


To set the truststore of the CACAO server:

  1. Create a truststore and import the CA certificate of the SSL server on to this truststore using the keytool command.

  2. Set the following JVM properties using the cacaoadm command;



    For example, type cacaoadm set-param java-flags="`cacaoadm get-param java-flags -v`

  3. Restart the CACAO server.

The registry server keystore location is always relative to /soar/3.0. (#6355673)


The SSO configuration of registry server accepts a keystore location. This location is always assumed to be relative to /soar/3.0.


Make a directory /soar/3.0/jaxr-ebxml/security and place keystore.jks obtained from Registry Server.

WSSO portlet to accept simple username and passwords. (#6355670)


The username and password that is presented by the user in the WSSSO portlet needs to be a fully qualified DN of the user.


The sample portal's “developer” user should have the username as uid=developer,ou=People,o=DeveloperSample,dc=india,dc=sun,dc=com

No functional registry interface from psconsole. (#6356897)


Registry search through psconsole does not work.


Use psadmin search-registry.

The command create-configured-producer fails during Developer Sample configuration. (#6334366)


Remote portlets on the WSRP samples tab of the Developer Sample do not appear. The create-configured-producer fails during Developer Sample configuration.


The AM7.0patch1 rectifies this issue. Use the following instructions to install the patch:

  1. Install Identity Server from the installer.

  2. Install AM7.0patch1 and follow the install instructions.

  3. Run the JES installer again and select to install Portal Server.